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7 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health

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The Common Factor Of Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health | Mattress

Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health ? We all know Mattress is very important for our health, but do we understand how important the mattress we sleep on can be for our overall quality of sleep?

And the lack of knowledge or understanding about how our mattress affects our sleep and, thus, our health, is one of the significant contributing factors to health issues.


In this post we will walk you through a few different ways in which your mattress affects your sleep.

Learn How Best Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health ?

Stress Level

A good mattress is supposed to help you reduce your stress levels. Studies have proven that the people that sleep on a pressure sore mattress have wake up feeling much less stressed than the ones that sleep on a poor mattress.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress

But the thing is, when a mattress gets older, it doesn’t remain as good. In fact, a mattress that is in use for 8 years or longer may not be able to provide any relief with respect to your stress at all.



The number of people suffering from allergies is steadily rising in the United States, but do you know the mattress is one of the major contributing factors to it?

Yes, it has been found that sleeping on a mattress that hasn’t been cleaned in a long while leads to a significantly high risk of allergies as more often than not such mattresses become home to millions of tiny dust mites.



The Better Sleep Council says that cleaning the mattress on a regular basis may help prevent this risk to a certain extent, but you may reach a point with your mattress where it may not be possible to clean it enough anymore.


Back Pain

Used Mattress

4 Reasons To Make You Avoid Buying A Used Mattress

A poor mattress comes with a wide range of issues, and back pain is one of them. This is true for not only old mattresses, but also new ones.

If you are suffering from back pain, Saatva mattress is the best choice for you. Read Saatva reviews to get complete information.

This is because some of the new mattresses these days, like the ultra-plush mattresses, can wreak havoc on your back.

Hence, it’s always recommended to test the mattress before buying it.


Stubborn Fatigue

Just like helping you feel relieved from stress, a good mattress helps you feel refreshed and energetic when you wake up after a night’s sleep.

But if you feel fatigued even after sleeping for about 8 hours on the mattress, there’s likely something wrong with it if you’re not dealing with any other sleep issues.

Old mattresses often have this issue as they lose their ability to offer a good night’s sleep as they get too old.


Body Pain

If you see lumps forming on your mattress, there’s a pretty good chance that it may be hurting your body and causing issues like body pain or ache.

This is because the lumps are a sign of wear and tear which mean the mattress is no longer functioning the way it should.


Health Hazards Of Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health 

The list of potential health issues caused by a poor mattress doesn’t end here, as a poor old mattress could also lead to a variety of other health hazards too.

This is especially true if it makes a creaking sound when you turn and toss in it, as that only happens when its springs aren’t functioning properly.


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