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3 Things You Need to Know About Tired Old Kitchen Renovation | Kitchen Remodel Pictures

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Old Kitchen Renovation & Decor DIY

Old Kitchen Renovation

Lighting Design

The kitchen is usually one of the centerpieces of any home. This is because the family and their friends can spend a lot of time in these areas cooking and sitting down to eat. As your home begins to age, you may want to consider an update that will take your kitchen to a completely new level. In some cases, a kitchen renovation may even be needed by those of you who are thinking about placing your home on the market to sell. Whatever the situation, here are a few things that you need to know about transforming an old tired kitchen to a bright new decor that everyone can enjoy.

1. Replace Old Kitchen Renovation Countertops With Quartz Countertops

Old Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Accessories

You will definitely need to consider replacing your old countertops. You may need to take on a more extended renovation project to do a great job transitioning from the old to bring in the new. For instance, your old outdated Formica countertops should be the very next thing to go. Even though some homeowners may try to salvage them if they can, most professionals in this industry would highly recommend changing over to quartz countertops during the switch.

The new quartz countertops are ideal for a number of different great reasons, including allowing homeowners to customize the look that they want to achieve in the styles and colors that they prefer.

2. Appliances Get Old and Outdated | Replace Appliances With Energy-Efficient Models

Old Kitchen Renovation

Refrigerator under the kitchen stands

When is it time to update your kitchen? Unfortunately, there are many different signs that homeowners see all of the time that indicates that a new kitchen renovation or remodeling job needs to be done. Because every homeowner is different and has certain needs and preferences, the actual straw that breaks the camels back usually varies for one owner to the next. However, there are some signs that many homeowners normally have in common and they may be found among the following, particularly as it relates to the old appliances in the home.

  • You still have a refrigerator in your kitchen that is more than ten years old

  • The style of the refrigerator is side-by-side

  • Appliances produce excessive condensation

  • The motors on your appliances are constantly running hot and need to be repaired often

  • You have problems with the food in your fridge rapidly spoiling

  • The top of your freezer looks like a big winter wonderland

  • Your stove looks like it really does not work

  • Your oven does not cook your food evenly

Each of these signs is a good indicator that you need to begin a complete change in appliances in an older kitchen. To update these appliances, you may want to start by the latest and more recent energy-efficient models that will not only look great but also help to save on your energy bill. For instance, by purchasing the new model water heaters for your kitchen, you will have a chance to cut down on home water heater repair expenses. You can save money in the long run by replacing older appliances that will not require constant repair.

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Old Kitchen Renovation


3. Outdated Lighting Needs to Be Replaced to Modern Lighting Fixtures

Old Kitchen Renovation

room lighting ideas

With so many different home decor shows on TV today, most people know when they are looking at the latest designs in today’s homes. Even if people do not frequent home shows in their cities, it is not difficult to tell when a homeowner has lighting in their kitchen that does not fit this century. Therefore, unless your home has a style that focuses on antique lighting fixtures, your home’s appearance can be brightened and updated with the most recent trends in kitchens that are available in the home improvement industry. For instance, you may want to remove and replace the old traditional kitchen lighting with the more modern Hyperikon LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light of today. This type of lighting can help to transform the appearance of any kitchen to a home that is brighter as well as more modern.

Once these changes are made, you will wonder why you didn't make the renovations on the kitchen sooner. Your kitchen will now have a new, clean, modern feel and your family and friends can gather together once again.





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