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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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We’ve got some ideas for your kitchen that will give your kitchen a sleek, elegant contemporary design. A kitchen works as a home station since this is where you spend most of the time marking food.

And if you throw a party or arrange a little get together, then people will end up the party in the kitchen.

However, a modern kitchen cabinet will help you with this that’s because only the cabinets can save space in the room, don’t you think so?

So its high time making your kitchen cabinet glamorous than before, plus, welcoming as well.

This guide brings some sparking modern kitchen cabinets ideas for you that are amazing.

1. Use white cabinets in your kitchen

White kitchens are great even if your kitchen gets dirty. White is simple and elegant and this could be the best option for you if you want to give your kitchen a bright theme.

White kitchen cabinets will easily be paired up with any styles of your kitchen. Also, add some white stools and this will enhance the design.

Your guests would gather in your classic white kitchen as this is the perfect place for dinner.

So if you want to add some brightness to the cabinets, then choose white cabinets.


2. Veneer Wood Cabinet

Do you want to add some warm addition to your kitchen? Then try the veneer wood cabinetry design. This will give your kitchen a modern trendy look.

Every time you enter the kitchen, you will feel the warmth. People around the world like the wood veneer and if you are a nature lover then surely you'd love the aesthetic design.

Remember: while choosing the slab veneer cabinets you should be aware since it comes in different quality.

Also, while installing the cabinet, make sure it’s done properly. And enjoy the warmth from this modern cabinet for years to come.


3. Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets

This design will add a modern look to your kitchen.

Lacquered kitchen cabinets mean your kitchen will be full of bright and shiny colors. It uses different waxing and polishing which is the process of apply different lacquers.

You can choose the color of your choice for this kitchen cabinet design and this could be long-lasting design if the finishes did properly.

Make sure you clean the cabinets regularly to maintain the glossy on the cabinets.


4. Sleek Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

Most of the people choose stainless steel appliances for their kitchen. And you can make a contemporary kitchen by adding stainless steel cabinets.

Though stainless steel doors could be scratched while the materials used for the cabinets are resistant to any issues.

Compared to other materials, stainless steel is durable, simple to clean, environment-friendly. The price also varies for the stainless steel cabinets, so you can get the one that matches your budget.


5. Floating Shelves

You can replace the cabinets with floating shelves in the kitchen and what could be better than an open door. That's because, you can take the things you need instantly from there.

With any traditional or contemporary decoration of your kitchen, floating shelves will easily be paired up. You can add floating shelves for the upper cabinets. Try to combine the shelves with glass or any shiny subway.


6. Colorful Cabinets

When it comes to the modern kitchen cabinet, people think about white or matte black. But bright colors are also can make your kitchen modern and stylish.

Add cobalt blue or have red cabinets. Or choose the bright color you love for the cabinet. Or you can play with the color on the entire cabinets if you want to add a flourish of color to your kitchen.

When it comes to choosing the color, be extra careful as you are going to see them every single before your morning coffee.


7. Wood Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Want to get the most unique design for your kitchen cabinet? Then go with the wooden cabinets. Choose any tint-stained wood as these are sleek and unique, as well as, they are easier to clean.

Wood cabinets will give your kitchen a natural look.


8. Mix up Kitchen Cabinet Styles

You can mix up different kitchen cabinet styles to get the perfect one for your kitchen. Why not blend different colors or try lower wood cabinets with stainless steel upper cabinets.

You can combine thousands of styles for your custom kitchen cabinets. Or you can consult with an interior designer to get a nice cabinet design.

Also, consult with the professional cabinet maker so that you get a minimalist kitchen.


9. Use only lower kitchen cabinet

Using only the lower kitchen cabinet would be a nice idea for you if you do not have any storage issues. You will get a lot of open space also will create a modern look. Use white with sleek black style would be appealing.

But as we said, if you have storage issues or do not need open space then this cabinet style is not for you.

People who own a large kitchen can try this design.


10. Transitional Styling

The combination of traditional and contemporary styles is transitional styling. People usually combine natural stone tiles look with a 60's style sofa for their kitchen cabinet.

The transitional style is the combing style of euro style cabinetry or traditional shaker door with marble countertops. And marble countertop can effortlessly be cleaned.

Or you can add multiple color finish in your cabinet.


11. Simple and Sleek Cabinets

Does your kitchen have a large space, and contains natural lighting?  If so then go for the simple and sleek lower cabinets. Choose a dark color for the cabinets, go ahead with black cabinet.

Use some glass doors to your cabinet, also, instead of using any glass door, use some grooved wood door. A simple and sleek cabinet countertop will make your kitchen elegant and fresh as well.



These were some modern kitchen cabinets ideas that you can apply in your kitchen. Recently, kitchen cabinet designs have changed a lot. But you should go with your favorite color or styles you want.

So which design ideas you are gonna opt for?







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