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10 Office Design Philosophies That Will Improve Employee Satisfaction And Productivity

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Is it possible for the office layout and design to affect the satisfaction and productivity of the employees? Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes. The impact of the design philosophy that a given office has can determine whether the employees are going to be productive or not.

There is no denying that retrogressive habits may be encouraged by the office's design, which may lead to low productivity. A keen consideration when selecting a design theme for the office is therefore mandatory. This article highlights ten different design philosophies for your office that will considerably improve employees' overall productivity and give them more satisfaction in the workplace.

1. Define A Layout for The Office

Different employees feel productive in different office layouts in the workplace. Some are more comfortable and highly productive in open spaces, while some prefer having personal spaces. Whichever the option, it is essential that you define the layout in a manner that allows the employees to reach high levels of productivity and satisfaction.

It is also possible for you to implement flexible spaces in the workplace. This option gives you the benefit of redesigning the office with ease when there is a need to do so. The flexible spaces are easy to implement using doors that can slide.


2. Distinguish and Designate Office Area

Having an office with no distinct or designated spaces for specific tasks and activities may affect and lower the productivity of the employees. The design of the office must include designated areas for particular functions.

The designated points may include game rooms, fun zones, and spaces for team collaborations, which help employees share and exchange ideas. Some offices allow the workers to take a nap and re-energize by offering rooms where they can relax.


3. Set Up the Office to Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light has several advantages that range from simple factors such as enhanced productivity to more complex ones such as the mental health of the employees. The amount and quality of light the offices let in can affect the employees' moods and quality of sleep.

When designing and setting up the office, consider increasing the number of windows and light inlets into the office space. The positive effect of natural light will be evident in the increased productivity of the employees and their boosted morale and satisfaction.


4. Choose Colors Wisely

The effect of color psychology goes beyond the beautiful display. Colors carry a significant amount of emotional and psychological impact. Therefore, this factor means that you should observe considerable care when choosing the colors to have in the office spaces.

Colors such as white are closely associated with cleanliness, green communicates the feeling of balance and growth, while blue is among the most relaxing colors. You should find the emotion and feeling that you want to communicate with your choice of colors in the office, especially when it comes to increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.


5. Set Up Pin-Up Boards

Pin-up boards are essential tools within the office for communicating ideas. Many employees have creative abilities that they can share by putting them on the pin-up boards. The boards are a great way to promote their creativity and allow employees to express themselves. It is one of the best ways to increase productivity and encourage creative abilities.


6. Include Amenities in The Office Space

Several amenities can effectively boost the productivity and satisfaction of your employees in the workplace. Having facilities that can cater to employees like mothers who are breastfeeding or taking care of their young ones helps boost their morale in the workplace. The organizations can also decide to have medical amenities within the work environment as well as having fun activities.


7. Allow The Addition Pieces of Art and Personalize the Workplace

It is an excellent idea to strategically place art in designated areas of the office and the workplace. The artwork influences the employees to think creatively, which helps them improve productivity at work.

The workplace also has different people with different personalities and preferences. Therefore, allow them to express themselves and create an ideal working environment by personalizing their workspace. Allowing employees to have small personal items for their work desk is a simple way to increase their productivity and boost their satisfaction levels.


8. Grow Plants That Are Easy to Maintain Within the Office Area

Modern-day office designs make use of plants that are easy to take care of and maintain. When strategically placed, these plants can reduce employee stress levels and sickness. They are beneficial in enhancing productivity and creativity while helping in cleaning the air and decreasing noise in the office space.


9. Design The Office for Ease of Movement

The monotony of work at times lowers the productive ability of the employees. Therefore, it is beneficial that the office design allows the employees to move around while taking short breaks within their regular work schedule. It helps them reduce stress levels and gives them mental clarity.

Fatigue and strain negatively impact mental focus while executing essential tasks. The mental breaks critically contribute to enhanced efficiency and improved physical and psychological health.


10. Restructure The Board and Conference Rooms

Senior managers and staff use the boardroom and the conference rooms to hold meetings and strategize. These decisions broadly impact the performance and the success of the company. Therefore, it is essential to design the rooms to allow individuals to get creative and have clarity.

With these considerations in mind, the rooms must have ample natural light, no distractions, and enough space to accommodate the participants comfortably. The colors and setup should allow them to focus, and remember to make the chairs as comfortable as they can be. These considerations go a long way in improving productivity when tasked with critical decisions and agendas.



These above-listed design philosophies can help you design and restructure your office space to ensure that the employees become productive and attain satisfaction. The next time you feel the need to increase employee morale and productivity, don't hesitate to implement some of the mentioned philosophies in your workspace.



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