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Prepare For The New Dog In Five Smart Ways

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Best Dog Food

Best Dog Food

Bringing home a new dog is exciting, and therefore you must be ready for serious preparation. The process might require a complete change of your household layout. It is also the perfect time to go out and get food supplies in preparation for the new member of the family. 

The following five tips will give some guidance on how to prepare.

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Tip 1

The first most important thing you need is to get enough dog food. Ensure the dog food is according to the dog breeder’s instructions. It is better to begin with the food that the dog is used to from their previous home. Other foods will be introduced slowly as you observe the dog’s reaction to the new diet. 

Get some dog water and a bowl or two where you will put the water and the food for them to eat and drink. When buying bowls, ensure they are easy to clean and made of unbreakable material. The bowls should also be large enough for the pet to feed comfortably without hurting their mouth or nose tips. Do not expect the bowl size that a micro mini bulldog can use to be compatible with all the
sizes of bowls that all types of dogs use.


Tip 2

Get yourself some potty towels, stain removers, paper towels, and extra
newspapers. Before your dog gets used to the new environment in your house, a few potty accidents will be inevitable on your carpet. In such cases, stain removers may come in handy.

While at it, also remember to get some grooming supplies for your pet. Supplies such as dog shampoo and brushes are quite useful when your pet needs to take a bath regularly. You want to keep a healthy, clean pet. If not, you better get ready to hire pest control services soon.


Tip 3 

The third way to prepare is to get a comfortable bed for your new family member. The bed should be large enough; you do not want the dog to fall over the moment it stretches. Throw in some extra pillows and a blanket for more comfort. 

You may place the dog bed in your room, in one of the family member’s rooms, in the dog’s den if you can get a dog’s kennel, or place the bed in the coziest part of the room. A comfortable bed in a cozy environment will help the pet get used to the new house.


Tip 4

Prepare how you will keep your dog occupied. For a start, get a dog leash.
The leash should be long enough and strong enough to handle the size of your dog. It is quite useful to take your new family member around the block for a walk. You can find high-quality leashes and dog harnesses in Neewa.

Walking your pet will keep them fit and introduce them to the neighborhood; they might be able to find their way back home if they get lost. The other way to make sure your dog has a great time and is always occupied is by getting them some toys. Toys like stuffed animals, bouncing balls, squeaky toys will surely keep them busy and entertained.


Tip 5

Perform an entire household sweep. Look for things that might seem harmful or
poisonous to the dog. Foods like chocolate, garlic, coffee are not good for
consumption by a dog. Ensure such things are not close to the dog’s reach. You can put them in the kitchen cabinet and keep them locked. 

Suppose your house has an installed fireplace. Ensure the fireplace is blocked so that the dog cannot crawl in. Also, look for items that the dog can get hold of and damage such as your shoes. Dogs are always intrigued with shoes; they like to chew on them. If you leave your shoes lying around the house, your new house member will likely be tempted to chew on them. 

The best way to make sure dogs do not chew on such things is by keeping them at a very high place where your dog cannot get to.

Dogs are amazing companions. The moment they get in through your door, make sure you are patient with them. When house training, make sure to buy a box of treats. Using the treats when house training can prove to be very effective. They are also good when it comes to maintaining the oral health of the dog.

After a few months, your new pet will be part of the family. You will wonder how you ever got along without them.







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