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Preventing Your Dog From Leaving The Yard

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We all love our dogs, but to say they can sometimes be a handful would be an understatement. Given the playful, rambunctious nature of many breeds, some canines won’t hesitate to bolt whenever an opportunity presents itself. Needless to say, this can present a problem for people who like to give their pooches plenty of outdoor time. Fortunately, keeping your favorite canine on your property doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. A few simple alterations to your yard are all it will take to keep your pooch fenced in and your stress levels in check.

Fence off the Entire Yard

While it may seem like a no-brainer, a surprising number of dog owners don’t see fit to fence off their yards. If you fully intend to have your pooch on a leash whenever it’s outdoors, a lack of fencing is somewhat acceptable. However, if you want to let your dog run around and enjoy the fresh air without the various restrictions associated with leashes, it’s imperative that your yard be secured by fencing. In addition to providing your canine with clearly-defined boundaries, good fencing can help prevent unwelcome visitors from making their way into your yard. Additionally, to prevent your dog from scaling the fence, take care to remove any climbing aids.

Of course, this isn’t to say that fencing is an end-all solution to doggy jailbreaks. Since dogs are diggers by nature, some pooches won’t hesitate to tunnel under fences and make their escape. You can help prevent this by burying chicken wire beneath the fence or positioning rocks along the bottom edge. If you don’t have experience putting up fences and would prefer the job be done by professionals, simply hop online and do a search for “fence company near me”


Use Long Doggy Tethers

If local zoning laws or HOA rules make fencing off your yard a difficult prospect, a resilient doggy tether may be the answer. A good tether will help ensure that your pooch is able to enjoy the outdoors unsupervised while diminishing the odds of it leaving the yard. When shopping around for the right tether, it pays to keep length in mind. The tether you select should be long enough to provide your dog with plenty of walking room but short enough to prevent it from leaving your property. Additionally, instead of affixing the tether to your pooch’s collar, attach it to a doggy harness instead. Harnesses are much harder for dogs to wiggle out of, and they put far less strain on their necks. 


Keep an Eye on Your Pooch

While having a fenced off yard and/or dependable doggy tether can provide dog owners with tremendous peace of mind, they shouldn’t take them out of the equation entirely. No matter how much faith you have in your anti-escape measures, it’s recommended that you periodically take a look outside to confirm that your pooch is still in the yard and doing well. Even if your dog is still present, it may be tired and want to come inside. Furthermore, if you live in an area that’s prone to bitterly cold winters or swelteringly hot summers, make an effort to avoid leaving your dog outside for extended periods in extreme temperatures.


Provide Shelter from the Elements

If your dog finds the conditions in your yard to be uncomfortable, it may try to make a break for it. You can help prevent this by providing your pooch with shelter from the elements. For example, make sure your dog has access to multiple sources of shade, especially during the summer months. Furthermore, a good doghouse can protect your canine from an assortment of disagreeable weather conditions.  

No matter how content your favorite pooch is with its general living condition, it’s liable to take off without a second thought should the opportunity arise. As such, dog owners who want to leave their canines outside unsupervised truly have their work cut out for them. Although dogs love spending time outdoors – particularly during periods of warm weather – letting them do so without the proper precautions can place both their safety and the safety of your neighbors at risk. To provide yourself with peace of mind and prevent your pooch from flying the coop, put the measures discussed above to good use.







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