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5 Reasons To Use A Home Finding Service When You Relocate Overseas

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Relocation is a demanding and often stressful time for any family, not least when you are moving overseas. Every aspect of your lives is turned upside down all at once. You must find new jobs, schools, a home, friends, medical care, and so much more.

One of the most important things to get right when relocating abroad is finding a new place to live, a property that has all the features you need, is conveniently located, and that will feel just like home.

A well-suited home will be crucial to you and your family’s ability to settle quickly and enjoy your new life overseas. Amongst all the unknowns and new experiences, it will be really important to have a safe, comfortable and inviting space for you all to return to each day from the get-go.

This article explains the challenges associated with finding the ideal home in another country and explores the benefits of using a home search agent, particularly one based within a general home shifting service and global mobility company.

Finding a home overseas: The challenges

Looking for the perfect home can be time-consuming, difficult and frustrating, even if you are just moving a few miles down the road. Searching for a property when you move overseas has a whole extra layer of complications. Let’s take a quick look at some of the issues.

● Familiarity

Moving to a new city a long distance away means you are less likely to be familiar with the property search area. You might not have a headstart in knowing which are the most desirable areas. You may be unsure of commuting times and traffic levels. You may not know where the most important amenities are.

When you first begin a property search from overseas, it may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Online is a sensible place to start but it may be difficult to gain all the right information you need to make an informed decision.

For instance, you may spot a property that is the right size and layout for you, but how do you know if the area is safe and convenient for you? On the other hand, what looks like a good area on the map may not yield any suitable homes. Getting it all right in an unknown city can be a mammoth task and present certain challenges.


● Time

With everything else you need to organise, time is probably not on your side. The initial search for a property is time consuming. While you can search online from the comfort of your existing home, it may not be possible to travel to view properties in person before you make your move.

Even once you’ve found a suitable place, there is also the time required for organising contracts and the financial side of things. While you may be familiar with the way things work in your home country, navigating an overseas system with different conventions and requirements makes searching for a home even more time-consuming.


● Language

Property searches are made even trickier if you are moving to a place where the language spoken is unfamiliar to you. Negotiating a property requires reasonable proficiency in a language: complex terms and expressions may be used both in conversation and in documentation, and you must be certain you understand any contract before you sign.


● Stress

All the above challenges can bring unwanted stress into your life, taking away from the excitement and enjoyment that should come with making such a big lifestyle change.


5 benefits of using a home search service

The most important thing to know about a home search service is that it is intended to take all the above challenges out of your hands and ensure you get the perfect place to live with minimal hassle. Let’s explore the benefits in more detail.


1. A wealth of experience     

A good property search agent will have placed countless families in new homes in your destination. They know all the challenges and difficulties you face very well, so are perfectly placed to help. 

They will be able to take over the process for you from beginning to end, utilising their knowledge of how the property market works. Once they understand your requirements, they’ll soon be able to return to you with a list of potential properties which meet your needs and your budget. They’ll also handle all the negotiations and paperwork involved.


2. A streamlined and cost-effective service

You will almost certainly save time and money using a home search service. Their experience means they can cut unnecessary costs and ensure you get a good deal on the property of your choice.

They also have a major head start on search and negotiations thanks to their experience. Knowledge of local property laws and conventions mean they can get the job of securing the right property done quickly and conveniently.


3. Local knowledge

The property search agents’ local knowledge will prove invaluable to you. They know exactly where the safest, most pleasant areas are. They understand the commutes you will need to make to work and schools. They know where your future colleagues are likely to live. They know the most popular areas with expats.

They’ll also be able to identify the types of property that best suit your family and have inside knowledge of property stocks that will be ideal. They may even have earlier access to properties that become available before the general public, meaning they can snap up the right place on your behalf.


4. Negotiation skills

By using a home search service, you needn’t worry about your language skills being up to the job. You won’t need to brush up on the ins and outs of local property law. Your property agent will remove all this stress by negotiating prices and contracts and translating for you. Once you are satisfied that the property is a good fit for your family, all you’ll need to do is sign. 


5. Professionalism

A professional service will be a joy to use. They’ll present you with solutions and not problems. Any headaches that may come from an international property search will be removed, freeing you and your family to enjoy all the buzz and excitement that will come with your big move.


How to find the right home search service

Thankfully, the best international removal companies often offer a home search service. This means you can avail of many of their services with a one-stop solution to moving overseas. As well as moving your belongings, they may also offer:

  • Comprehensive orientation services, i.e. helping you find services such as banking, medical care, getting a driving license, and everything else you need in your new everyday lives.
  • Schools searches.
  • Help with short-term, temporary accommodation.
  • Language and cultural training, and much more.

Moving overseas is a big step, but using a home search service and a good global mobility company will ensure you experience maximum joy and excitement with the move and minimal hassle



Sushma Salian is the Business Head, Asset Mobility of Writer Relocations, India’s premier mobility services company that handles all types of moves: International & Domestic Relocations, Office Relocations, Commercial Move Management Services, Hospitality Logistics, Fine Arts Logistics, Orientation Services, and Storage Solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai, Writer Relocations has presence in 7 countries and operates in more than 190 countries.







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