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Signs You Need Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

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Why We Need Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

 Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

Unplugging the Dishwasher

Being a homeowner doesn’t stop at having the ability to purchase your current home. It entails big responsibilities, such as home maintenance. This generally prevents you from incurring expensive repair or replacement costs.

Sometimes, however, even if you’re doing everything that you should, there are still instances when home malfunctions come your way. If something as important as plumbing gets affected, it can instantly disrupt your daily routines.

Plumbers vs. Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

standard plumbing

Although there are some plumbing problems that you can try to resolve on your own, you’d be saving more time and money with professional plumbers. The question is, should you be calling a plumber or a plumber contractor, like DM Select Services - Virginia Plumbing? Let’s discuss a few of their differences below:

What Can Plumbers Handle?

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia


  • Minor repairs of home and commercial plumbing systems (e.g. overflowing toilets, burst pipes)
  • Plumbing fixture installations (e.g. faucets, sinks, toilets, showers, shower drains, bathtubs, hot water dispensers, food disposers, etc.)

What Can Plumber Contractors Handle?

  • Everything a plumber can do (e.g. repairs and installations)
  • Construction of the home or building’s waste disposal system
  • Installation of gas connections, gas control valves, water softening and conditioning equipment, and backflow prevention
  • Repair and maintenance of various home water supply equipment
  • Consultancy and inspection during a home’s planning and building stage

As you may notice, the skillset of a plumber contractor is a lot more complex than that of a plumber. Though there are overlaps, plumber contractors are definitely more qualified to fix a wide variety of plumbing issues.

When Do You Need Plumbing Contractors?

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

Commercial Plumbers

Here are some signs that you need to schedule an appointment with a plumbing contractor:

1. No Water

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

24 Hours Plumbers Near Me

This could be a big warning sign that something went terribly wrong with the home water supply. These are generally caused by leaks, backflows, frozen pipes, or any other issue that your contractor can readily identify and fix.

2. Weak Water Pressures

If you’re experiencing weak water pressure in only one area, it might just be a problem with the faucet aerator. However, if it’s happening everywhere in your home, that’s a water distribution issue.

It’s usually caused by a problem in the main line, in the water heater, or worse, there may be an active leak that you’re unaware of.

3. Slow Drainage

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia


Slow drains can either be caused by simple clogs, or the problem can be something that’s deep within the water line. Just like weak water pressure, a simple fix may be enough if it’s isolated.

But, if it’s happening everywhere in the house, then you know it’s time for it to be inspected by plumber contractors.

4. Overflowing Toilets

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

Do You Need a Professional Plumber or A Toilet Repair Kit

When all of your home’s toilets are overflowing, a plumber contractor is definitely needed. In such cases, intensive pipe cleaning may not be enough. A thorough inspection of your home and its water connections usually leads to the root cause of the issue, which allows it to be fixed accordingly.

5. Dripping Faucets - How to fix dripping faucets

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

How to fix dripping faucets

When it comes to dripping faucets, tightening is usually applied as a quick fix. However, the problem may actually be caused by a cracked pipe or a fixture that has been installed incorrectly.

If you want to save money over the long haul, you’re better off having everything checked by a plumber than going for the band-aid solution.

6. Water Discolorations

Aside from looking like it could cause various diseases, unclear water is a major sign that something’s wrong with your pipes.

For instance, yellowish to brownish water suggests rusty pipes, while cloudy water is typically a result of air in the water pipes.

7. Pipe Discolorations

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

Plumbers Near Me

The next time you inspect your pipes on your own, carefully check whether they’re still at a “healthy color”. If you notice any discolorations, it usually indicates that there’s moisture where it’s not supposed to be. This may be caused by sink drippings or a slow leak somewhere in the water line.

8. Sewage Odors

All drains in your home must have traps, and all those traps must have vents to prevent sewage odors from getting into your home. When your home smells strongly of sewage, the vent might have cracked or the trap might have already run dry.

While the latter can be fixed by refilling the trap with water, the former requires a more in-depth inspection to locate where the cracked vent is.

9. New Appliance Installation

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or your kitchen, or perhaps install new sinks, dishwashers, or washing machines, you’re better off enlisting the help of professionals than doing the job yourself.

You may think that these installations are something you can learn by reading or watching videos, but it’s a lot more complex than you think. You don’t want to cut corners and mess with something that should be done only by people who are trained and experienced.

10. Expensive Water Bills

Residential and Commercial Plumber Contractors in Virginia

Water Heater Not Hot Enough

If you know you haven’t changed your water usage, yet your water bills have suddenly skyrocketed, it may be caused by a variety of factors—something that can be assessed by plumber contractors with relative ease.

Less Obvious Reasons to Call Professional Plumbing

  • Waterless Winters: The usual reason for this is frozen pipes, which can usually be solved by winterizing pipes.
  • Wobbly Toilets: This may be caused by a failed wax seal, thereby damaging your floors as a result.
  • Bubbling House Paints: This is a moisture indication, something that may be caused by leaks in your roof or water system.
  • Soggy Basements: Your basement may be staying damp not because of the rainy weather.
  • Green Patches: When a part of your yard has greener patches compared to the rest of the area, there may be sewage leaks.


Some plumbing issues are simply not meant to be fixed by yourself. Water is of the essence, so problems with its supply need to be handled with utmost care.

If you’re dealing with any of the factors listed above, don’t hesitate to call your local plumber contractors right away.






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