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Signs You Need Garage Door Repair When Living In Edmond

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Signs You Need Garage Door Repair Edmond

Every year, homeowners open and close garage doors about 1,500 times on average, which can lead to wear and tear. That's why regular maintenance is a must, which will ensure proper running operation of your garage door all year round.

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As you already know, Edmond is frequently subjected to hailstorms and tornadoes. Also, your area is prone to flash flooding. During summer, the hot weather is tempered by consistent winds. These situations can damage your garage door immensely, that would warrant contacting a professional garage door specialist.

But what are the signs that you need garage door repair? Find out more below.


Garage Door Does Not Open or Close Properly

It's frustrating to have a garage door that is not working properly. Your garage door may stop halfway when you open it or won't open at all. If your garage door seems to have a problem opening or closing, there could be problems with the parts, such as:

  • Worn out or broken cables
  • Malfunctioning garage door opener
  • Stripped gear
  • Spring problem (extension or torsion spring issues that might need replacement)

If you're experiencing problems with your garage door, check this website to find out how a garage door company can help you.

garage door repair

garage door repair

Signs You Need Garage Door Repair Edmond

Your Garage Door Won't Open 

Power is needed for your garage door transmitter to work. However, if you have dead batteries, the transmitter fails to send a signal for the garage door to open. So what do you need to do? The first thing you can do is inspect if the transmitter still opens your garage door when you press it. Garage door transmitters are usually located on a garage's inside wall.

Here are a few helpful tips to address a garage door that won't open:

  • Replace Batteries: Replace the battery of your car transmitter if the garage door opens when you press the transmitter on your garage wall. Also, if you have multiple batteries, you might need to replace everything because you probably installed all of them at the same time.
  • Contact a Service Technician: If replacing the batteries won't resolve the problem, it's time to contact a technician to help source and address the problem.


Too Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door that squeaks, shrieks, and rattles can be annoying, and it can disrupt rest and sleep most especially at night. It's also a warning signal that you need the help of a garage door specialist. While garage doors create sound during operations, unusual or seemingly too disruptive noise would warrant professional help.

Here are some tips to make your garage door less noisy:

  • Quiet your garage door by tightening the nuts and bolts on the track and door. Avoid overly tightening it; just ensure it's snug.
  • Spray lubricants on the top of garage door springs, all-metal rollers, and inside each track, or use oil on the base of the springs.


Garage Door Opens But Does Not Close

If your garage door opens but does not seem to close, the photo-eye is probably out of alignment. The photo-eyes is a safety feature or modern garage doors which sends an invisible beam to help detect anything that's in the path of the garage door every time it closes.

The photo-eyes prevent accidents like automatically closing the garage door on top of something or someone, which may cause damage to property and serious injuries. However, over time, they accumulate dirt, which causes the blockage of the beam light. Eventually, they become misaligned, which causes connection issues too.

Here are some tips when cleaning the photo eyes:

  • Clean the photo eyes gently to avoid scratching them. They are made of glass, like those with a camera lens.
  • Use a soft cloth with a few drops of mild cleaner to wipe away residue or dirt easily.
  • Don't over saturate the photo eyes because excessive wetness may cause dirt or residue to stick more quickly.
  • Check the photo-eye alignment to ensure it is pointing in the same direction and angle, measuring from the ground. Use a laser level or a regular level to make sure the photo eyes match.

Once you have cleaned and checked the alignment of your garage door, you can test it to make sure it opens and closes without a problem. If the issue persists, it's time to contact a professional garage door specialist.


Garage Door Jumped Off Its Track

Did your garage door come off the track? If yes, you have to contact garage door repair services immediately because this problem can compromise the safety of your family. While you can do a DIY repair using a few simple tools, it's better to hire a professional if you don't have any experience doing the job. For instance, removing the bolts that hold the bracket of the garage track in place could lead to serious bodily harm, since the bracket is connected with the spring system.

Here are the possible reasons why a garage door comes off the track:

  • Misaligned horizontal tracks with vertical rails
  • Vehicle runs into your garage door
  • Rollers wear or break
  • Broken cables


Out of Balanced Garage Door

A garage door that is out of balance wears out easily if neglected. The springs may snap and increase the workload of the garage door opener, which doesn't only increase your electricity bill but also may lead to premature failure.

Here are the signs of an out-of-balance garage door:

  • Sagging garage door
  • Garage door not closing evenly
  • Going up and down garage door when manually opened or closed halfway


Slow Garage Door Response Time

If your garage door takes several seconds to open, the response time fully is slow. You can address the issue by lubricating the hinges, tracks, and rollers to ensure that it does not stick when you open it.

However, if the problem persists, you need to contact a garage door professional because you have a major garage door problem. The garage door technician will determine the cause of the problem and will resolve it using specialized tools and high technical knowledge.


Signs of Garage Door Opener Problems

Your garage door plays a crucial part of any garage door system. You may need to contact a garage door company to fix it or replace it if you have problems with it. Garage door problems are considered emergency cases that would require the expertise of a professional garage door company. It will avoid risking the lives of people and pets around brought about by a failing garage door opener.

Here are the undeniable signs that your garage door needs replacement:

  • Replacing Batteries Doesn't Improve Performance: If the batteries are drained, your garage door opener may start acting up. Make sure to use brand new batteries. If the issue persists, contact a technician.
  • Garage Door Submerged in Water: In Edmond, flooding is a common occurrence, and a garage door opener that has been submerged in water would most likely need replacement. Attempting to make a damaged system work could be dangerous.
  • Garage Door Opener Detaches: You need to contact a garage door company immediately to replace your garage door opener if it detaches on the ceiling. It is because a detached garage door opener could be dangerous and fatal to any human or animal.
  • Slow Opening of Garage Door: If your garage door opens slowly, there could be a problem with the track or roller brackets. Sometimes, simple lubrication is enough. A repair technician can help you update the settings too.
  • LED Lights Are Off But Problem Persists: LED lights may cause garage door opener problems. You can try troubleshooting by turning of LED lights you're using nearby. Also, you can replace the LED bulbs and use regular bulbs instead. If the problem still persists after replacing the LED bulbs, you'll need a garage door professional to replace your garage door opener.


Signs of Garage Door Emergency

There are garage door problems that shouldn’t be delayed and neglected. When you experience or observe these signs, you have to contact an emergency repair technician right away. Delaying getting help may poses risks to the lives of people and animals around who happens to enter or pass by your garage door.

  • Thieves Gained Access to Your Garage: If your home was just recently accessed by intruders, there could be a loophole in your garage door security. Only a professional garage door technician can help you ensure that you’ll have a more durable garage door.
  • Broken Spring: Whether you live in Edmond or anywhere in Oklahoma, always remember that a broken spring constitutes an emergency. If your garage door spring snaps or breaks, your garage door can fall or jump off its track causing injury to anyone who tries to close or lift it. Emergency repairs include damaged or weak springs.
  • Missing or Damaged Door Panels: A car that suddenly accelerates or backs up without warning may run into your garage door and break the panels, which keep people and animals from running through the garage. Schedule a repair appointment as soon as the incident happens because it warrants emergency attention, so watch this video to learn more.

Homeowner Recommended Actions

After knowing all the signs of garage door problems, it’s important to know your next steps. As already previously mentioned, you should avoid DIY garage door repair or parts replacement as much as possible. Handling garage door issues are not as simple as it may seem. That’s why consulting a garage door professional is highly recommended to ensure excellent quality of work and safety.

Here are some tips and reminders when faced with a garage door problem:

  • Assess the Nature and Scope of the Problem: Don’t be in a rush to resolve a garage door problem. Apply basic scientific process, which includes assessing the problem before making any assumption or conclusion as to what is the real cause of the problem.
  • Check Trusted DIY Repair Sites: If you choose to attempt fixing the issue on your own, gain insight on the right tools to use and the proper procedure on how to repair a garage door by watching video tutorials or reading trusted DIY repair sites like Repair Daily.
  • Choose the Right Garage Door Company: If you’re too busy or have little knowledge of how to repair a malfunctioning garage door, asking the help of a professional garage door specialist is a good idea. You have to ask the services offered by the company, and inquire about their years of experience handling the same problem as what you have with your garage door. It pays off checking the company’s website and read customer testimonials or reviews to get an idea of the type and quality of service you’ll also receive if ever you’ll avail the company’s garage services.
  • Prioritize Everyone’s Safety: Because garage doors are complex machines and not like ordinary doors, safe operations is a must at all times. While repair and replacement could cost you a sum amount of money, it’s best to spend it on professional garage door services than paying hospitalization bills for sustained serious physical injuries caused by garage door accidents.
  • Don’t Delay: If your garage door is not opening or closing or completely shut off, avoid procrastination, and contact an emergency garage door repair technician right away. You don’t want to put your family and property at risk from burglars and other criminal or hazardous environmental elements.
  • Decide Whether to Repair or Replace: Sometimes, replacing a garage door part is better than repairing it to save more money in the future. Retaining an old part may cause problems in the future which would require another repair or eventual replacement. Consulting a trusted garage door technician in Edmond will help you make the right decision.



Garage door problems may cause different signs that would require garage door repair, such as not opening or closing properly or not completely working at all. Also, unusual noises, slow response time, out-of-balanced garage door, and a garage door that comes off the track are indicative signs of garage door issues.

While you can repair your garage door using a few tools yourself, you need to contact a repair technician if the issue persists. Prioritize your safety by entrusting your garage door to an expert, most especially if you don't have garage door repair experience.






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