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5 Signs You Need To Install A New AC Unit

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Repairing what you have is always preferable to buying something new. However, there comes a time when appliances need to be replaced. That’s true for AC units, which need to be in good working order to deliver effective climate control.

Fortunately, speaking with a professional, like an HVAC contractor in St. Peters | No Problem Heating and Cooling, can help you determine what service you need. However, it’s better to be armed with the right information to help you make the call of whether to repair or replace. This blog post will highlight five signs to spot when you need a new AC Unit.

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  • Uneven or Ineffective Cooling

The first sign isn’t enough on its own to warrant a replacement but is a useful one to take into account. If your unit isn’t blowing cold air or doesn’t seem to reach the same areas as it did before, you’ll need an intervention of some kind.

If you’ve cleaned the unit and changed the filters and still have issues, it’s time to talk to a professional. It could be a repair job, but if you’ve noticed any of the other four problems below, then it’s likely that you’ll need to install a new unit instead.


  • High Energy Bills

An AC unit that sends your energy bills sky high is a worrying sign. Keeping an eye on your monthly or quarterly bills will give you a heads-up that something needs updating. Typically, one of the only fixes for this is to install a newer unit that functions without needing to draw so much power.  

One of the best ways to track energy usage is a smart meter. If the hotter months have just begun and your bills have changed dramatically, it’s a clear sign that your AC is playing a role in the cost. You can also use the process of trial and error by keeping your unit off and then turning it on to see how the meter changes.


  • Excess Moisture

Leaks and an inability to get rid of the condensate are signs of trouble in your AC unit. Again, on their own, these problems don’t definitively mean you need a replacement. However, it’s not likely to be something that can be repaired.

If you notice excess moisture along with other problems with your air conditioning, it’s time to talk to a professional. To address the issue early on, make sure to check the inside and outside units when carrying out other cleaning and maintenance jobs around your property.


  • The Age Of Your Unit

One of the surest signs that it’s time for an AC unit replacement is the age of the appliance. If you’ve had it for more than 15 years and you’re encountering problems, then a replacement will be on the cards. Heavy usage and anywhere over 10 years of ownership could also mean that the unit will no longer be fit for purpose.

While manufacturers do make quality products, the parts of the unit still might have a limited lifespan. You can prolong that time with maintenance, but not forever. Many of the devices in your home have an estimated lifespan. You can check the life expectancy of other appliances here.


  • Frequent Issues Running

Besides excess moisture and lack of cool airflow, you might notice other issues with your unit. Each one on its own signal the need for an inspection and possible maintenance. However, when issues combine, the need for a replacement becomes more probable. 

Difficulties with your AC unit to look out for include bad smells and issues turning it on. One of the most noticeable differences is when your air conditioning gets louder or starts making strange sounds. Don’t delay in seeking help; it’s best to face the music and find out whether you need a repair or a replacement.







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