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Some Pointers For Proper Management Of Kitchen Knives  

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Home cooks can hardly do without kitchen knives. It is the most valuable equipment of the homeowner. Whether you are a housewife or a chef, the ideal blades become a crucial part of kitchen handling. From mining to chopping to scrapping, a good quality knife is all you need. However, you can engage in the abuse of kitchen knives if you do not correctly understand their functionality.

These days a wide variety of appliances is available in the market. When you are on the hunt for your kitchen knives, you have to pay attention to the metal, blade size, quality of the knife, and the like. Moreover, the knives from Vertoku are known for their high edge performance and durability. It is the leading reason behind their growing popularity. 

Do not abuse kitchen knives

Gadgets are essential elements of the kitchen. However, there proper handling is not always emphasized. Hence, pay attention to the following mistakes which homeowners often make:


  • Do not leave the knife in the dishwasher: you can keep the dishes in the sink, but leaving the knife inside the utensil pile is not an option. It is dangerous as well as the blades can get scratched. In addition, the tips may get bent and thereby break. Hence, it would help if you must wash the knives after use personally. But, again, leaving them in the sink is not advised.


  • Improper washing: the dishwasher has gained immense popularity in modern times. However, using dishwashers sometimes compromise quality washing. The blades of the knives get scratched and bent. Hence, washing them with water and soap must be the option. At times, the chemical composition of the detergent may lead to discoloration and pitting. Using hot water to watch the knives with a soft sponge is the best possible means.


  • The knife gets dull: when you allow the tool to get dark over time, it can add to the danger. It is because the knife can slip from your hand and thereby cause an accident. If it slides across the counter, then you can cut your finger. You have to sharpen the blade after every 12 months. It keeps the knife in proper order and prevents it from getting dull.


  • Wrong equipment: using home sharpeners to sharpen your blade is not only dangerous but not correct. It is easy to strip away the metal and leads to uneven sharpening. Instead, you can go for honing tools and proper sharpening equipment and learn about its reasonable usage. In most cases, leaving the job to the professionals is instructed. They have knife sharpening equipment and adequate know-how for its handling.


  • Improper storage: another area that needs crucial attention is the proper storage of the knives. You cannot store the silverware along with other utensils in a heap. Instead, you have to keep it separately in a safe space. You can use a magnetized board and knife block for this purpose.


In addition to this, you have to pay attention to the cutting board you are using and how you are cutting your food items. Using knives for the correct purpose must be your focus. For example, you cannot use narrow blade knives for cutting poultry items. Moreover, using knives for odd jobs is not desirable.







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