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The Best Plants For A Winter Garden

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Who says winters are all doom and gloom? With the right flowering plants, you can brighten up your home even in the darkest winter. From Christmas Roses to Pansies, Daphne to Mahonia, nature gives us some beautiful options to go with your artificial grass. Importantly, you do not need to use much of your garden space - a small pot or basket can be enough to make a difference!

So, whether you chose magnificent winter hanging baskets UK or trendy flower pots, you’ll see a result. Here are the best plants to brighten up your winter garden!


Do you notice a soothing aroma in one of your neighbour’s gardens? Does this fragrance lift up your mood instantly? If the answer to both these questions is ‘yes’, you might have come across Daphne. These plants are evergreen shrubs that bloom mostly during February. You can plant them in boxes, containers or small gardens.

However, they grow slowly and take up to eight years for full growth. On average, these beautiful plants grow three to four feet tall. They’re also easy care - organic mulch is enough to grow Daphne in your winter garden.


Quick Facts About Daphne

  • Flower colour: White, green, pink, purple
  • Ideal growth: Partial shade
  • Ideal planting: Pot



Pansies are well known as colourful and attractive flowers. The heart-shaped leaves and large flowers are the key features of this winter plant. These plants grow best in cool weather and partial sunlight. If you have a garden with good organic soil, pansies will enjoy thriving. Remember to water pansies daily.

Deadheading is also important for maintaining these plants and can prolong blooming. Plant them in a series or in clusters of colours, and your garden will look pretty in no time!


Quick Facts About Pansies

  • Flower colour: Yellow, dark purple, gold, violet
  • Ideal growth: Partial shade
  • Ideal planting: Container



Mahonia offers much-needed variety for your winter garden. This unique-looking shrub flowers from November to March. So you’ll get elegant flowers when the rest of your garden is bare. However, you need enough vertical space to plant Mahonia. This winter plant can grow up to seven feet tall over time. For fans of tall garden plants, Mahonia is a perfect decorative piece.

Ideally, you should plant Mahonia in partial or full shade. Try to use humid yet well-drained soil for the best growth. The Mahonia plant is easy to grow and requires little maintenance.


Quick Facts About Mahonia

  • Flower colour: Yellow
  • Ideal growth: Partial or full shade
  • Ideal planting: Garden border


Winter Heath

Reliable - this word best describes winter heath, also known as heather. With over 500 varieties, you can enjoy this plant’s beauty on snowy days. However, you should note that winter heath also attracts bees.

Generally growing to one to two feet tall, winter heath does not need much vertical space. This plant spreads rapidly, making the horizontal space a challenge for most winter gardens, and possibly sheltering pests like mice. Still, heather looks amazing in pots and baskets that also control the spread.


Quick Facts About Winter Heath

  • Flower colour: Pale pink, purple
  • Ideal growth: Full sun
  • Ideal planting: Open areas, pots



Do you need a climber for your winter garden to complement those wonderful hanging baskets? Then you should consider planting winter clematis. With a citrus-like fragrance, these popular Japanese plants are mostly grown in containers in the UK.

If you plant clematis in the UK, expect a growing time of at least two years. You’ll also need to ensure the stems receive ample sunlight for proper growth and use adequate compost for supplying proper nutrients to this plant.


Quick Facts About Clematis

  • Flower colour: Pink, purple, white, red, blue
  • Ideal growth: Full sun
  • Ideal planting: Large container


Helleborus Niger

Wondering what this name is all about? Helleborus Niger is more commonly known as the Christmas Rose! These flowers grow around Christmas, hence the common name. Thus, you can enjoy their presence in a magnificent winter garden. You can plant this flower in any moist soil. This moisture allows proper nutrient absorption for the pretty flowers’ growth.

Christmas Rose does not grow taller than 1 foot so it is ideal for small winter gardens. Despite moderate water requirements, this plant will demand less attention compared to other winter plants.


Quick Facts About Helleborus Niger

  • Flower colour: White
  • Ideal growth: Partial shade
  • Ideal planting: Pots


Wrapping Up

Winter gardening can be fun with the right plants. All we need is to know the right plants to choose, and voila! You’ll have a beautiful winter garden with gorgeous colours. So whether you use pots or large containers, you’ll be sure to brighten up this Christmas with the above plants.

Most of these plants do not need much attention. We are sure your winter will not only turn happier but also bring positive vibes for everyone.







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