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Make It Simple, Make It Fit: The Fittings Your Bathroom Needs

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bathroom bathtub

bathroom bathtub

Whether you’re in the process of designing a new one or renovating an existing bathroom, there sure is a lot to be done to ensure a functional and convenient space that sees so much daily use. This task includes determining the right bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Fixtures vs. Fittings

Bathroom fixtures are the elements that are either plumbed or wired in, whereas the fittings are elements that are fitted in addition to the fixtures. As the term itself suggests, the fixtures are “fixed in”, making them harder to remove without some complex dismantling, which is why homeowners remove them only if absolutely necessary. These include the bath, toilet, basin or sink, shower, taps, flush furniture.

Fittings, on the other hand, are more versatile elements that are much easier to attach and detach and come in a lot of customisable varieties. These include: the toilet seat, shower curtains, toilet roll holder, soap dispenser, freestanding or wall mounted bathroom furniture, basin or bath waste, detachable shelves, etc.

With that basic distinction out of the way, let’s see how the different types of bathroom fittings on the market can fit the big picture.


Making the Bathroom Fit for Daily Life


Keep It Clean with Shower Curtains/Screens

bathroom shower mirror table

bathroom shower mirror table

Shower curtains are made from water-repellent materials such as plastic, nylon, or rubber and their purpose is to contain the water inside the shower/bath area. A far more beneficial alternative to curtains is shower screens, which basically function as fixed curtains made from glass or plastic. These are quite efficient at keeping water from splashing out the showering area.

The perks of curtains over screens are that they are easy to detach, clean, and replace. Also, they can be found in an endless array of sizes, colours and patterns. The main perk of screens over curtains is the fact that they are a far better barrier that prevents splashing. In addition to that, they are mould-resistant, sturdy, and provide a lot more privacy.

To ensure that you’re buying quality bathroom fittings, check whether the screen you’re considering is made of toughened safety glass. When it comes to aesthetics, screens make for a more unified, seamless, elegant and minimalist look. They also come in different sizes and finishes (chrome, matte black, brushed brass and brushed nickel).


Make Showering More Convenient with a Shower Head

Even though showers are considered fixed elements, the shower head falls in the fittings category. A good shower head can make a world of a difference in the way water pressure gets distributed. The function of this element is to disperse the water evenly in controlled flows, thus ensuring a more localised, high-pressure or a wider, low-pressure spray. This gives rise to a lot of different models with different spray settings, although most shower heads are adjustable, thus giving you access to a few spray options.

Helpful tip: If you are looking to reduce water consumption/reduce water bills, go for a low-flow shower head.


Get the Perfect Water Temperature with a Good Shower Mixer

This one can be considered more of a fixture than a fitting, but due to the huge variety in models, you don’t have to settle for the mixer that comes with your shower/bathtub. A mixer functions as a water faucet and mixes the hot and cold water together giving you the option to choose water temperature and flow. A good mixer makes this whole process easier, sparing you from an unwanted spray of water that’s either too cold or too hot.

Helpful tip: Go for mixers that have the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) rating. They provide better flow and waste less water.


Keep It Organised and Clutter-Free with Smart Bathroom Furniture

bathroom two showers

bathroom two showers

These elements can be either freestanding or wall-mounted and this category covers a wide array of items, ranging from small things such as mirror cabinets to larger elements such as wall cabinets or drawer units. As long as they are easily detachable, they are considered fittings. These items provide storage space for personal hygiene items, towels, bathrobes, and bathroom cleaning supplies. Ideally, you should look for minimalist elements that maximise efficiency by providing ample storage without cluttering up the space.

Helpful tip: Go for furniture that’s either coated or made from water-resistant material. The bathroom is a humid and wet place, which can damage unprotected elements.


Bathroom Mirror Cabinets - Perfect for Grooming and Storage

The most convenient choice would be a bathroom mirror cabinet that’s sleek enough as not to take up too much space while being able to provide ample storage for your toiletries.

A variety that’s become quite popular recently is illuminated or backlit bathroom mirror cabinets which can be a very practical addition to contemporary bathrooms. However, have in mind that these cabinets can take up more space. When it comes to material, generally the options are aluminium, stainless steel and wood.

Helpful tip: Go for the models that have a fog-proof coating on the mirror. This will save you hours wiping and then cleaning the mirror.


Don't Overlook the Potential of a Good Toilet Seat

bathroom basin bathtub toilet

bathroom basin bathtub toilet

Toilet seats are one of the most often replaced bathroom supplies due to frequent use. Traditionally, toilet seats were made from solid wood, but modern seats are made from thermoplastic or thermoset, which are durable scratch and stain-resistant materials. A typical seat will usually have soft close hinges to help preserve the seat for longer and to keep fingers from getting trapped.

Helpful tip: When choosing a toilet seat, go for one that is completely detachable, so you can clean it easily on both sides.


Keep It Fresh and Mould-Free with Ventilation

Since bathrooms get very wet and steamy on a daily basis, they do require proper ventilation. This, of course, helps with getting rid of odours. Usually, you could just open a window, but not all bathrooms have windows. This is where ventilation in the form of a bathroom exhaust fans comes in quite handy. Even though ventilation systems are fixture mounted inside the walls, bathroom exhaust fans are easily detachable and customisable.

Helpful tip: Go for models that provide constant yet quiet ventilation. This will prevent the bathroom from sounding like there’s a construction crew in the next room.







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