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What Should I Know Before Installing A Dog Fence?

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fence and house

fence and house

To be a good pet owner, we have to take all the measures we can to keep them safe and understand what they need to be happy and healthy. In addition to providing good food, water, shelter, and veterinary care, it is important to also shield them from external dangers. Dogs, especially, love to play outside and it can be easy for them to accidentally chase a squirrel onto the curb and get hurt. Dog fences, therefore, are a great way to keep them contained but still grant them the freedom they need to play safely in the yard. Below we have thus outlined some of the things to consider before installing a do fence:

1. The type of fence

There are different types of fences that you can get, as they range in terms of material. If you are looking for an affordable option, then a chain-link fence would be the best selection for you. You however have to keep in mind the type of dog breed you have, as such fences are easy for a dog to climb and jump over. Wooden options are also a great choice, as they are affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and still, maintain a certain sense of openness. The downside is that they are not very durable, and you will need to perform regular maintenance due to weather elements. Other options to consider would be steel fences or brick fences. Aluminum and steel fences are affordable, but they do not offer much privacy. Brick fences are overall great and will provide the most security for your pup. They are, however, the most expensive.


2. Visibility

All the fences listed above are tangible and physical. There is, however, an invisible option that works with the use of a collar. For this type of fence, a wire is buried underground, along the perimeter of your yard. This wire or cable will then transmit a signal to your pup’s collar if they get too close to the boundary. These types of fences do help to save on resources such as space and costs involved in setting up a physical fence. Moreover, they do not obstruct the view either for you or your dog. You can compare different brands available for more information, or check out this article to enable you to make the best choice.


3. Height of the fence

Dogs are playful animals that love to jump and run around. When installing a dog fence, you must therefore keep in mind the height that you would like. It is easy for some big dogs, especially German shepherds or Great Danes to jump over fences, and for these, you might want to go a little higher. However, for breeds like poodles or dachshunds, a medium-sized fence will do.


4. You must still take them for walks

A fence will make it easy for your dog to play outdoors, but it is still important that you take them out sometimes. This could be a day at the park, a walk at the beach, or a run around the block. This will provide a chance for them to play with other dogs and improve their well-being.







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