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5 Fall Lawn Care Tips To Get Your Yard Looking Great

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Tips To Get Your Yard Looking Great On Fall Lawn Care

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In this post we will cover 5 of the best fall lawn care tips to help you prepare your lawn for winter and make it easy to sprout in the spring. We all love that relaxation that a well mowed, thick, healthy and green lawn mower offers in the spring. I mean what is more spectacular than seeing your kids play in your lawn at your backyard on a weekend. Well, if you do not prepare your lawn in the fall, it may not be able to survive winter. Meaning there will no fun in the spring for you or your family in a well-tended lawn. Below is a list of the best fall lawn care tips from Lawnstreet to care your lawn.


Remove The Leaves From Your Lawn Care

Lawn Care

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When leaves accumulate over your lawn, they prevent your grass from accessing the right amount light for photosynthesis, which harm the development of your grass.  Secondly, leaves trap moisture as they decompose consequently sapping moisture from your lawn. As a result, moisture levels will drop and may lead to some dead spots because of the destroyed grass. So always ensure to rake or blow leaves from your lawn.


Maintain The Right Height Of The Grass

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You should reduce the height of the grass to 1 and half inches high during fall. Remember it is during this period that your lawn is preparing to enter dormancy. It is advisable to mow your lawn in the evening when the sun rays are not strong. If you do not mow your grass it will get longer and mat, matting makes your lawn vulnerable to snow molds. On the other hand, cutting the grass too short makes it hard for the grass to survive through the tough winter conditions. Mowing will ensure also ensure you keep leaves in check.


Water Your Lawn

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Despite the fact that during fall the rate of evaporation is not high and there may be rain and dew. It is still advisable to water your lawn once in a while. To ensure that you know when to water your lawn, install a rain gauge in the lawn to help you determine the amount of rainfall. It is recommended that your lawn should have a minimum of about one inch of water a week. If the rain does not achieve this limit it is upon you to water your lawn.


Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn regularly makes sure your soil does not get compacted, compacted soil prevents water, nutrients and oxygen from reaching your grass effectively. You should therefore invest in a good aerator, as it is advisable to make sure that your lawn is well aerated before fertilizing which brings us to the next tip.

Lawn Care


Fertilize Your Lawn

Your grass will need a high-quality fertilizer that is well balanced with the nutrients they will need to make a comeback once spring sets in. It would be a great idea for you to have your soil tested by an expert so as to determine how much of each nutrient is needed. You should also be aware of the surrounding before you fertilize your lawn. Run off can carry all that fertilizer to an aquatic system and cause harm. Therefore, it is advisable to observe the weather and also have a good aerator. The aerator will punch the good holes where the fertilizer will be easily accessible by your grass.



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