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9 Tips To Use A Toilet Auger

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9 Tips to Use a Toilet Auger

9 Tips to Use a Toilet Auger

Clogged toilets can be extremely upsetting and hard to handle, they are a nightmare, and that’s for sure! It does not matter if you are facing a regular water closet or if it’s a composting toilet; both cause equal trouble for us, right? 

Apart from being very annoying and hard to get rid of, clogged toilets are also super embarrassing; moreover, if your toilet only has a nasty smell, for now, I’m sure it will turn to be a toxic mess very soon enough! Luckily though, you don’t have to go through it all! Because I will be giving you 9 Tips to use a toilet auger! So let's just dive into it! 

What is a Toilet Auger? 

Before we get into the tips and tricks on using a toilet auger, we should probably get a back view first. So, the toilet auger is a tool which is also known as a water closet auger or a plumbing snake; this tool is specifically designed to move through the drain of your toilet to remove any clogs or stoppage that is causing your toilet to overflow or smell. 


9 Tips to Use a Toilet Auger

Here I will be giving you guy’s nine useful tips on how you can use a toilet auger the right way! So let’s get started. 


Find out the type of clog in your toilet. 

Usually, there are two types of clogs that most people face. The most common kind of toilet clogging is in the flushing toilet, which is mostly caused by the toilet paper that has been clogged up in your flush or another big item that might get stuck in your toilet. You can easily use a toilet auger to get rid of this issue.

The second type of clogging is the one that happens in your sewer. In this clogging, you will probably have to call a professional. 


Get rid of debris 

I know this sounds awful, but it is more important. If you want your toilet auger to work properly and perfectly, what you have to do is to wear some high-quality, heavy-duty gloves and then remove any visible mess that you see in your toilet. Make sure you dump it in a bin and clear out your toilet so your toilet auger can work. 


Use warm water and soap. 

If you pour just a few drops of dishwashing soap in your clogged toilet along with a bucket of warm water, just enough to fill the toilet and not overflow it. This process will loosen the clog up a little bit and make it easier for you to unclog it. (Note: do not put boiling water as it might crack your toilet bowl)


Place the toilet auger rightly 

This tip is important because I have seen so many people complain that while they were inserting the toilet auger, their whole bowl collapsed. This happens because you are supposed to push your toilet auger in your toilet until or unless the rubber elbow on the auger is fitted in the crook of your toilet. This rubber elbow is what keeps the wire from cracking the surface of your toilet! 


Let the flexible cable go.

Slowly and methodically, turn your auger’s handle feeding the cable into a u-curve or an s-curve of your toilet. If you are not slow, the cable is most likely to coil itself and then return back to the toilet, which will only make the cable super hard to untangle. 


Shake your cable

Turn your auger handle in opposite directions, it will take a lot of energy, but soon you will feel as if your clog has started to loosen up and fall apart. Keep cranking the handle of the auger until you see all the water disappearing. Once all the water is gone, pull your cable backward and put it away! 


Try flushing your toilet. 

If you flush your toilet and it does flushes properly, then without a doubt, you know that you have successfully cleared the clog issue. 


Clean your auger 

Clean your auger thoroughly and properly with disinfectant, detergent, hot water, vinegar, and a brush. Rinse your auger in clean and warm water until you are sure it’s completely clean. (p.s let your auger be completely dry before you put it away to avoid rust)


Figure out what clogged your toilet

Before you move on with your life, it is important to figure out what caused your toilet to clog in the first place. Once you do that, you can easily avoid making the same mistakes again! 







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