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What Are Interior French Doors?

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french door

french door

French doors completely occupy the free space of a doorway. This design matches the height and width. Each room will be filled with lots of light. This is a practical and unusual solution for a design update.

Many people doubt the need for such doors. But if your apartment lacks natural light, such a change is very important. Choose suitable doors with unusual glass inserts, which will help you save a lot on electricity.

You can opt for clear glass or choose reflective coating. In this case, you will see what is happening on the street, while your room will be hidden from prying eyes. It is best to close the curtains when it is dark because the extra light in the room reduces privacy.

The history of internal French doors

The history of French doors for home began in France in the 17th century. The lightness and beauty of the French doors were immediately liked by the locals, so this solution received a lot of fans.

Where did French doors originate? At first, this design was only used on balconies. Thanks to this, the rooms were brighter. Electricity hadn’t been used yet, so natural light was the best light source. The rooms became much more attractive, and many people began to choose a similar design for their homes.

French doors could be seen in almost all of Paris. Residents of other countries were interested in this development, so the model was soon used all over the world.


How they works?

Most often, these are swing doors. These are double doors with glass inserts. The definition of French doors includes at least two glazed panels that allow maximum sunlight to pass through.

Some models have very thin wooden frames. Glass takes up most of the surface, so you might think there are large windows in front of you. The paired construction has a second name — "French windows". Modern models can be made entirely of glass, or they can have thick partitions with small glass inserts. The material for these partitions can be different:

  • solid wood:
  • metal;
  • plastic

The special feature of interior French doors is the outward opening. The wings move on hinges. This method of opening makes the rooms even more spacious, because when the doors are open, they won’t take the useful space. When they are installed at the exit to the terrace, it may seem that you are still inside your home, even in the yard. The space is not limited as by the usual blank doors.

french doors

french doors

If you have French doors inside the house, the whole apartment will looks like one whole. The choice of the opening method depends only on the desires of the house owner. If a certain room is used more often than others, most often the doors open in the opposite direction so as not to interfere with free movement. Some people prefer to opt for a sliding system rather than a swing one so that not an inch of the room is cluttered.

The name "French doors" applies to various modern models. They may have a lot of panels and are made of high-quality materials. If you don’t know what new items to use for the interior decoration, this model is the best choice. Every guest in your house will definitely pay attention to the change.


Are French doors only double?

Many people are accustomed to the idea that French doors are just double doors. Such models are often installed in pairs, but this is not a basic requirement. The name implies the presence of many glass parts, and everyone chooses the design according to their own preferences.

If you wish, you can order a single model of interior French doors. One door with a lot of glass inserts and thin wood frames will also be considered the French one. But only a large door will help to add maximum light to a room.

You can contact the manufacturer and find out what models they offer. In some cases, the doors can be custom-made, so you will choose the appropriate design yourself according to the doorway sizes in the house.


Can French doors be used as entrance doors?

The cost of interior models is much lower than that of doors intended for installation at a terrace entrance. This motivates many customers to order French doors and use them to go outside. But this idea is not the best one.

When closing, the door wings are locked together. They will be a vulnerable part in the security system of your apartment. For the external system, more sophisticated locking mechanisms are used, which ensure reliable closing of internal French doors. The design of such models is made taking into account all safety requirements. These French doors will protect against unauthorized entry, plus they will look great from the outside.

Interior models are much thinner. They don’t provide a sufficient level of heat and sound insulation, they won’t protect against cold gusts of wind. Therefore, doors for internal use should not be installed as the outside ones. Only high-quality double glazed hardwood models will help keep the home warm, protect from drafts and make the home look more attractive.

United Porte offers a vast variety of French door models. Explore its portfolio and order the most suitable model. Such designs will look perfect in a house, where there is a separate exit to the courtyard. In winter, you can sit comfortably in a chair by the door and watch the falling snow. In summer, your room will be filled with sunlight, which completely eliminates the need for additional lighting.







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