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What Can You Do About Slippery Shower Floor

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What can you do about slippery shower floor

What can you do about slippery shower floor

You have installed anti-slip bathroom tiles and shower tiles for safety. The floor should not get slippery, right? However, yours is. If you have purchased from a good tiles supplier, your bathroom tiles are truly anti-slip tiles. However, when you ignore regular cleaning, your bathroom or shower floor will become slippery. The combination of the following makes your bathroom floor slippery:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • The hardness of the tiled surface
  • The smoothness of the tiled surface

Your shower floor can be dangerous if you don't prevent this combination.

In addition to the slipping hazard, there can be secondary hazards as well such as glass panes.

Here are some tips for making your shower floor less slippery.

Clean bathroom and shower tiles

You cannot install and forget anti-slip bathroom tiles and shower tiles. These tiles also require regular cleaning and care.


Anti-slip formula

You can make your bathroom and shower tiles less slippery by applying an anti-slip formula. This anti-slip formula comes in liquid form. Brush this formula onto slippery tiles and wipe off after 10 minutes. Now your tiled floor is safe in both dry and wet conditions.

You can apply this anti-slip formula multiple times for better results. It works well on tiles made of different materials. It hardly has any effect on the looks of the floor. There are a few other methods that can add grip to your tile floor. However, the floor requires more maintenance after applying those methods. You need to apply an anti-slip formula once and the floor surface will remain even.


Floor Grip Mats

You can use floor grip mats made from materials like plastic, rubber or vinyl. These mats are very common in bathrooms. The mat has a high grip topside. The suction cups on the underside of the mat stick on the bathroom/shower floor. It is a simple yet effective solution for slippery tiled surfaces. You can use these mats on masonry, wood, polymers and all other bathroom surfaces. Shop a floor grip mat from a retail outlet or online. Consider the following before buying a floor grip mat:

  • The mat may create an uneven surface.
  • This anti-slip solution alters the surface of your bathroom or shower.
  • Floor grip mats can accumulate shower grime and soap. As a result, they are less hygienic. You must clean them thoroughly and this can be a little difficult due to the irregular shape.
  • You need to replace the mat as it wears out over time.
  • The mat can slide underfoot if it is damaged or poorly installed.

However, you can buy biodegradable and visually appealing floor grip mats made using natural materials. Some mats also use anti-bacterial additives.


Adhesive Strips

You can stick the strips of traction tape on your tiled bathroom or shower surface. This causes minor surface alteration. It is a perfect solution for both dry and wet conditions.

You can also install grip bars in your bathroom. This does not make your floor less slippery but increases safety in your bathroom.



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