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What is a VPN For? How We Get Secure VPN

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What is a VPN? What is a VPN User?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network), as its name suggests, creates a virtual space for you to operate when you are online. It establishes a virtual point-to-point connection between the Internet and your device, sending your data through an encrypted tunnel. Hence a virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection over the Internet from any device to that network. A device connecting to that network needs to be authenticated successfully. The encrypted connection ensures data transmission securely. Since VPN prevents unauthorized people from connecting on the VPN network traffic, it also allows the user logged in users to conduct work remotely. So VPN technology is widely used in corporate environments where employees connect to their office network from home and do usual work.

what is a vpn for

So basically in plain language, a VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. VPNs protect you from online snooping, interference, and censorship. A VPN (virtual private network) is the easiest and most practical way for people to protect their traffic, internet traffic and keep their identities private and secure.

As you connect to a secure VPN server, your logged in traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel that nobody can see into, including hackers, governments, and your internet service provider.


YouTube Video | What is a VPN For ? Explained by VPNSurfers


Why do you need a VPN service?

Browsing the web or transacting on an unsecured Wi-Fi internet network traffic means you could be exposing any private information and browsing details to hackers. That’s why a virtual private network, famously known as a VPN, should be a mandate for anyone worried about their online security and privacy.

Also there are many online TV Channels prohibited in certain locality. VPN helps to hide your real address and use VPN address. Doing so you can watch online contents by using VPN pointing to locality which is not prohibited.

Think about all the times when you were reading emails while in line at the airport, coffee shop, or checking your bank account while waiting at the dentist’s office or any where else. Unless you were logged into a private Wi-Fi internet network that requires a password, any data transmitted during your online session could be vulnerable to eavesdropping by strangers using the same network.

The encryption and anonymity that a VPN provides always protects your online activities including but not limited to shopping online, sending emails, checking account status, paying bills. VPNs also help keep your web browsing anonymous hence secure once you are authenticated in VPN and hides your physical computer address by showing VPN address – More on this below.

What Does a VPN Hide? How We Get Secure VPN

Secure VPN

Once you connect to a VPN, you can browse the internet like always. Remember once you are in VPN, the connected computer behaves as if it is located in the VPN network zone rather than wherever you physically are. Which means it hides your physical location but shows VPN location to others. This is because while logged into a VPN, the data packets sent will not have your own address on them but instead that of the VPN address.

This makes your location difficult to track, which is one reason VPNs are popular choices for journalists operating under oppressive governments. Using a VPN hides your real IP address as mentioned above and encrypts your internet connection. But what does that look like in real life?

Your browsing history is private — A VPN hides your browsing and search history from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The only thing the ISP can see is your encrypted traffic traveling to the VPN server.
You can change your online location — Your IP address gives away your physical location. With a VPN, you can connect to a server in a different country and access the local content (like US Netflix, online news, and torrent sites) with something like the best torrenting vpn for your browser, so you can access what you need.
Your internet activities are anonymous — A no-logs VPN ensures that no one knows what you’re doing on the web. This is ideal for fans of torrenting and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks.

When shouldn’t I use a VPN?

Unless you’re living in a country where VPNs are illegal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using a VPN at all times. It has become an important unavoidable way for browsing the internet freely with high privacy due to its local intranet design.

The biggest reason many people don’t use a VPN is because they really don’t know yet what it is used for and how to set up an VPN. Many are concerned about the cost and setup. Others just don’t want the extra hassle — they’d prefer to just turn on their device and start browsing the internet.

While I must admit that some VPNs are pretty bad, I’ve found plenty of user-friendly options like vpnsurfers. I got excellent speeds in my tests and I liked the app’s easy 1-click connections.

Will a VPN slow down my internet?

what is a vpn

A VPN may slow down your Internet traffic download and uploads because your data has to travel through actual VPN server. On top of that, the VPN is encrypting and decrypting your data, which takes some time.

Having said that, different VPNs experience different speed reductions, so it’s important to make comparisons. Despite slight drops in speed, vpnsurfers was consistently able to stream, torrent, game, and browse without delays.

Your Internet speed will vary depending on the VPN server you select. In real world, the further away your server is, the slower your Internet will be because it will take longer for your data to get there. If you connect to a server nearby, you’ll barely notice a difference in Internet speed.





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