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What is in a food truck? Food trucks are exciting additions to any event and contribute to their success

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Food Truck Prices

Food Truck Prices

Mouth Watering Tips On Food trucks Installation Process

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Celebrations are the main events for which people hire mobile catering services. However, a little-known fact is that such services are also suitable for providing food to people during times of emergencies like some natural disasters. Celebratory events have indeed popularized mobile catering, which has become a part of the urban culture. The concept of serving food from some vehicle equipped like a kitchen has ushered in a new era in catering. It is also much cheaper than traditional catering.  The vehicle used for catering food is different from other vehicles because it is a non- motorized trailer suitable for hauling by any automobile. Smaller versions of food trucks as people often call it may even use bicycles for hauling.

What’s inside the truck?

A food truck is a full-fledged kitchen on wheels equipped with a fryer, built-in barbecue grill, and other kitchen and cooking equipment. The equipment used for catering must have the certification of the appropriate authority that ensures its safe use for cooking and preparing food. Gas appliances used on the truck must have the CE mark and fitted with a flameproof failure device. Moreover, those who use the equipment must have proper training in using gas equipment and be familiar in handling the risks that arise from it.

The truck must have a robust food management system in place. The owner must carry out regular risk assessment related to fire safety, food safety, and health.  Whenever there is a new item added to the menu, the owner must conduct a thorough risk assessment before finalizing it.

Freshly prepared food

People prefer traditional catering because it serves freshly prepared food, but food trucks too can do the same. Although they might serve some fresh food prepared in advance, they are ready to serve freshly cooked food according to the menu chosen by the host.   Do you like to offer local cuisines to the guest? The food truck chefs will gladly meet your requirement - they can serve everything from traditional Southern food to gourmet cuisines and mouth-watering firewood pizzas.

Outdoor settings preferable

Food Truck

Food Truck

As it becomes evident from the manner of serving food from a van or truck, the arrangement is only suitable for outdoor environments where there is enough space for parking the truck.  Space available at the event venue and the number of guests are two crucial factors for selecting any food truck for mobile wedding catering. Each food truck has some limited capacity of serving guests, maybe 75 guests. So, you may need to hire multiple food trucks depending on the number of guests. There must be adequate space at the venue for accommodating it. If the truck needs some electrical hook-ups, it should be available at the venue.

Are you hosting the event inside? Check the venue to ensure ample parking space for the truck and also your guests. Mobile catering is very pocket-friendly. Do you want to entertain guests with quality food and drinks at a much affordable price? Then mobile catering or food truck catering is the most preferred option because it costs much less than traditional catering. And the extra cash that you generate can help you to hire a much more spacious venue where you can conveniently place the trucks.

Check the local rules before hiring a food truck

Before you hire a food truck, you must be sure that the local authority does not have any reservations about parking it at the venue. Most municipalities have rules about where to park a food truck, for how long and at what time. The manager of the venue should guide you in this matter, and it is better to talk to them before you make a final decision about catering services. Sometimes you may be required to get an insurance or special permit. Food truck owners often have experience in various venues and locations and can help you in this regard.

Access to special locations

One of the specialties of mobile catering is that it allows you to host parties at locations that traditional kitchens cannot access. Taking a commercial kitchen on rent during that time would be a solid option for a food truck, The arrangement is likely to cost less than using a traditional commercial kitchen. For example, the park in front of your home where you first met your fiancé? It could be the venue of choice for your wedding party as you can conveniently plan it with mobile catering in mind.  Just be sure that the truck can arrive at the location without any difficulty. Since it often carries a hefty load of equipment and supplies, driving it to very steep places might be problematic at times.

Decide the parking spot of the food truck

There are many things to consider when deciding about the place where to park the food truck because its accessibility to guests is most important. If the guest does not have easy access to the truck, it can be a disaster. No one wants to trudge a long distance to have their food, and it can be a party spoiler. The parking spot must be close to the place of the main action but never should it become the focal point. Choose a location on the sides of the main event area that people can reach easily. Moreover, putting the bar next to the truck is a great idea. It ensures that guests can get everything they need at a time while those waiting in the line can relax with a cocktail.

However, there are certain places like the bathrooms, DJ or band and dance floor from which the food truck must maintain some distance. You must keep in mind when choosing the parking spot for the food truck. Since you will like to have pictures of guests enjoying the food, you must factor it when placing the food truck. Although you want to capture the shots of guests in front of the truck or around it, you would not like the truck to appear in every other shot.

Food trucks are a novelty item, and you should let your guest know about it by mentioning it on the invitation card.

Do not forget permits and licenses

You will need atleast one food license, permit from city, county to park your truck. Go to your county page to apply for permit. Go to state government page to apply for food licenses.





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