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What Is The Best Way To Move In Chicago

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Chicago is one of the busiest and largest cities in the Midwest of the USA. This city is the ideal place for people who don’t want the stress of costs.

Compared to New York, Chicago is cleaner and it is a more beautiful city than Los Angeles. Chicago has a lot of opportunities for the people that are the reason it is one of the favorite places to relocate.

However, if you decide to move to Chicago then you should take care of many things. This guide is going to share some tips with you to help you move to Chicago easier.

Things You Need to Know Before Move to Chicago

1. Prices

Check out the rent and other prices in Chicago, this will help you determine if you can afford the price or not. According to the National Rent Report, Chicago is the 12th expensive in the country.

But compared to San Francisco, they offer reasonable prices for house rent. However, the price varies depending on the area.


2. Food and Utility Price

Your relocation to Chicago will not be a hassle if you research properly for everything in the city. This City offers comparatively affordable prices for foods and other utilities, such as - the internet and other stuff.


3. Transportation

Chicago is famous for its elevated train system around the world. It has 140 stations in the whole city, as well as, in suburbs. The trains make transportation easier for the Chicago people.

Other transportation is also available here, such as taxis, rideshares, and so on. However, if you have a car then it would be better for your transportation purposes. And on average 27.5% of people own a car.


4. Grocery Stores

Though Chicago is the largest city yet there could be food desserts in some neighborhoods. So that could be tough for you getting your weekly groceries. Before you move to a suburb, check the grocery stores as well. Try to relocate yourself near a grocery store. Otherwise, you may end up driving, biking, or taking public transport - these are very troublesome.


5. Weather

Chicago is known as a windy city, and the winter months are brutal. But the summer is amazing. Check the Chicago weather before you move to a new place.

December-March is not the ideal time to move to Chicago. And summer is the perfect time to relocate to Chicago. You can move from June to September, these months are the best time.

But after all, it's your choice: choose the season you want to move to the new place. And if you want to avoid any hassle then avoid the winter season.


6. Chicago Job Market

Chicago offers many exciting jobs, and if you are a job hunter then you can easily find a job there. Chi-town has the largest companies including United Continental Holdings, McDonald's, and Archer Daniels Midland.

The public sector has the biggest employers in Chicago. For example, public schools, city government, country government, and the federal government.


7. Safest Areas in Chicago

Compared to other states of the USA, Chicago is 7% safer so you can choose this place to relocate yourself. However, some of the safest areas in Chicago are located in West 99th Street, southwestern section, Beverly.


Other safest places are,

  • North Caldwell Avenue and North Lehigh
  • West Devon Avenue and North Central
  • North Western Avenue and West Grace


Tips to Move to a New Place

The Necessary Arrangements

Before you relocate to Chicago make sure you arrange and organize all the necessary things. If you have kids then arrange all their school records to transfer them to the new school. Organize all the medical records transferred as well.

Also, change your old mailing address so you can get mail forwarded. Don't forget to arrange the utility and insurance companies, credit card, bank account, etc.


Sort Your Stuff

As you are moving to a new place, it is vital to sort out your stuff. Remember, it can be tough to sort out what to pack first. To make it easier, you can make a list of all the stuff at least two months ago.

Go and check every room to find the useful items, make a list then start packaging. Separate every item so you get them easily.


Plan on Ordering Out

When we move to a new home, we don't like to spend much time cooking. The best thing is: the Chicago neighborhood offers the best food in the country. Also, you won't feel troubled to find the place to eat food for the first few days as the City has everything from fast food to ethnic to cafes everything in between.


Sizing Things Up

You know your new home in Chicago, right? Then measure the rooms and doorways as well as the new home. This will make it easier to sizing different things. For instance, it will be easier for you to set the furniture in the right place.

Another thing you can do is: make a graph paper and draw the new apartment to decor the items.


Double-Check Your Inventory

When you move to the new place, check all the boxes and furniture. Check you get all the things you make list. And if everything is safe and sound. If everything is okay then put the signature on the mover's inventory list.

If you are looking for someone who can help you for moving, you can contact with local company who does moving related works like Chicago IL Moving Company


The Bottom Line

Chicago has many stunning lakefront views to beautiful architecture. People visit this amazing place to enjoy the beauty of Chicago.

Moreover, Chicago has many cultural attractions. This city provides many more exciting job opportunities than other states.

Also, it is one of the safest cities in the whole USA. Compared to other cities, Chicago is a less expensive place so you can relocate to Chi-town.

If you are coming from a small town then it would be a great event in your life moving to Chicago. You should do enough research before moving to Chicago.

And if you made the decision then don't wait, start searching for the home to purchase or take on rent. Then just move on to the new City to start a new life.



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