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What Is The Best Wood For Barn Doors?

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barn door

barn door

Interior doors are often made of natural wood. This material provides maximum strength and keeps every room warm and quiet. The wood is eco-friendly and is the guarantee of the health of all family members. You can install such doors in a barn or indoors.

The quality of doors depends on the type of wood chosen for it. The price also differs. Therefore, it is worth examining the main characteristics of each type of wood before placing an order. You can choose a door made of wood of coniferous or deciduous trees.

Hardwood for barn doors

Oak is often used the manufacture of doors, since it has a hard wood. This is one of the most expensive materials from which elite modern models of interior doors can be made. The density of the wood is very high, so the finished products are solid. The doors are very durable, their service life is not limited. The shade of oak can vary from yellow to dark brown. Over time, the wood gets darker.

Its fiber is very dense, which increases its water-adsorbing quality. The thermal conductivity is reduced. When the humidity level outside rises, the door may deform, and when the air becomes drier, cracks may appear on the surface.

Another high-quality material for barn doors is ash. Its characteristics are comparable to oak, the density is slightly higher. It is less exposed to mechanical stress. The cost is lower as these trees grow faster than oaks.

A great and cheaper alternative is beech. It grows very slowly, therefore it is considered elite wood. The structure of its fiber is dense, and when the wood dries completely, it becomes very strong. But beech has its drawbacks: it is very hygroscopic, therefore it absorbs moisture well. It is not recommended to install wooden doors in internal rooms, as deformations from an increased humidity will not allow to use it for long.

They are ideal for installing in barns. Doors will retain their original look for a long time and will be an excellent addition to the exterior near your home. You can choose a suitable light shade that will look harmonious against the decor.


Softwood for barn doors

Soft woods are conifers, which are similarly beautiful and quality. Most often used types of wood for doors are:

  • larch;
  • spruce;
  • pine

Larch stands out noticeably against others. It is hard, which is unusual for conifers. Its parameters are slightly inferior to oak or beech. But the advantages are obvious — the wood is not exposed to moisture and doesn’t rot. The density of the fibers is very high, so the finished doors are very heavy; thus, larch is considered the best wood for barn doors.

There are several types that differ in color and texture. Most often, Canadian or Siberian variations are used — they grow in cold regions and are of high quality. If the tree grows in a warm area, the characteristics are slightly worse.

The wood becomes stronger over time. If during the installation you think that the door will have to be replaced in a few years due to the loss of properties, this is not the case. The door will become harder and will not deform, keeping its beauty for many decades.

The affordable type of wood for barn doors is pine. Its fiber structure has low water-adsorbing quality. The doors will be lightweight and look gorgeous in every room. There are no knots in the wood, and a lot of resin leads to a reduced response to climate changes. The barn will be very warm, since the doors will not let the cold air through.

Due to the loose fiber structure, such doors are not strong enough. To get rid of this disadvantage, many manufacturers cover pine doors with oak veneer. This combination provides strength and durability. The door will be resistant to external influences.

barn doors

barn doors

Spruce is another representative of soft woods. Its performance can be compared to pine, but the wood contains less resin. The material is soft, fungus may appear in it. It absorbs moisture, so the doors are not suitable for installation in places with high humidity. The fiber structure is porous, such doors will retain heat well.

The natural color of the wood is light, in some cases a yellow tint appears. Spruce contains many small knots that require additional processing. Choosing the right type of wood for interior barn doors, study the characteristics of each option and choose the most affordable and quality one.


Where to buy barn doors in the US?

United Porte has a vast variety of barn doors that you can see at Pricing policy differs depending on the selected wood. If you are interested in more solid and reliable doors, opt for hardwood. Their cost is slightly higher, but the quality remains high.

Conifers are also very reliable, but they have their drawbacks. You need to carefully study their characteristics to understand whether the door will be able to withstand temperature changes and changes of humidity. This will help you select a quality model that will preserve the contents of your barn in suitable conditions.