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What to Look For In Short-Term Housing

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Short-term housing includes emergency housing, vacation rentals, and leasing a property on a month-to-month basis. There are several reasons people need or prefer short-term housing options. If you’re moving for a few months to complete a work contract, you can book a suitable short-term accommodation by contacting therightpropertygroup. Short-term housing also ensures you have a suitable temporary home if you’re waiting for your home to be built or renovated.

Your short-term housing needs may vary based on the reason you need the housing. Still, there are some essential things you should look for when choosing short-term housing, including the features discussed below.

Look for housing in a suitable neighborhood.

suitable neighborhood

Google “furnished apartments Washington DC short term” to find short-term housing in the Washington DC area. Sites such as Hello Landing have excellent tools to help you filter listings based on your needs. You can use the neighborhood filter to focus on rental properties in ideal neighborhoods in the D.C. area. Whether you’re looking for short-term housing while your current home’s renovated or need short-term housing because you’re working for a few months in Washington DC, you must find a place to live where you feel comfortable.

You may opt to research neighborhoods to ensure you find a neighborhood with good schools if you have children. You may also value living in a neighborhood where you can access shops, restaurants, and services on foot. Being close to a park may appeal to you if you enjoy walking outdoors. Some neighborhoods are known for low crime rates, and you’ll want to ensure you choose a rental property in a safe community, such as Washington DC’s Georgetown neighborhood.

You may prioritize neighborhoods with easy access to public transit and other services you use, such as fitness centers and laundromats. Moving to a location that doesn’t offer these amenities will increase the likelihood you’ll be dissatisfied with your short-term housing.

Look for housing with the features and amenities you need.


Rental properties come in all shapes and sizes. You may need more than one bathroom if you have a large family and may not want your children to share bedrooms. You may incur extra costs, such as the cost of renting a storage unit if you don’t find a home with enough space. It’s also essential for you to prioritize rental properties in your price range to ensure you find accommodations you can afford. Rental listing sites make it possible to filter listing based on the number of bedrooms, cost, and move-in date. Renting a furnished apartment is convenient if you’re moving for a short-term work assignment and don’t want to buy furniture.

Rental houses and apartments may include amenities, and you should consider your needs when choosing the right short-term rental property. You may need a rental property with on-site laundry facilities, particularly if you have young children. Some buildings include parking, while others charge extra for on-site parking. Apartment buildings may also have fitness centers, dog parks, and recreational areas for families. Amenities may be a priority if you’re looking for a vacation rental property and want to maximize your enjoyment during your stay. You may look for properties with swimming pools, outdoor grilling areas, pool tables, and Internet access.

Ensure your accommodations are durable.

durable accommodations

Renters aren’t responsible for building maintenance, but they benefit from renting homes with superior features. A premium granite countertop enhances your kitchen design and ensures you have a suitable countertop for food preparation. Granite is a natural stone, and installing granite in the kitchen increases the property value. Sealed granite countertops don’t chip or scratch, ensuring these countertops will last a long time and still look great. This is crucial when you move into short-term housing because you don’t want to have expensive repairs to pay for if you damage the property during your stay. Marble and quartz countertops are also durable, making them a suitable alternative to granite countertops.

The features in a rental property will tell you a lot about your landlords. Property managers who install upgraded lighting fixtures, cabinet handles, and faucets demonstrate attention to detail. They may be less likely to skimp on repairs if an appliance breaks down or you have another serious problem, such as a plumbing leak. Property managers want to protect their investment in their property, making it less likely they’ll delay critical repairs.

Prioritize safety when reviewing rentals.

Prioritize safety

Whether you’re staying in a short-term rental for two weeks or two months, you need to stay in a safe property. If you’re reviewing a property in the Seattle area and notice missing shingles on the roof, have the property manager locate roofing experts in the Seattle, WA area and schedule repairs. Roof replacement experts can install durable roof materials, protecting the home from leaks. Roofing experts should offer a range of roofing materials, including composite shingles, slate tile, and solar roofing. They can also conduct roof repair or replace damaged shingles.

Look at the electrical outlets and panel to ensure the building’s wiring is up to code. Old wiring may not provide enough power for modern appliances, which can cause your fuses to trip. Outdated electric systems can increase your risk of an electrical fire.

Ensure the property’s clean and look for signs of rodents or plumbing leaks. Rodents can destroy property, chew through electrical wires, and spread disease. Plumbing leaks can cause mold growth, triggering health issues such as wheezing and skin irritation.

Short-term housing includes furnished and unfurnished apartments and houses. Look for safe rental properties in suitable communities with the features and amenities you need. You should also look for a well-constructed property that features durable building materials.





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