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What To Look In Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves When Buying?

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modular kitchen

The excitement of trying out that new recipe quickly dies out when you cannot find all the necessary ingredients required for the masterpiece. Wait, though, and all the ingredients are checked out on the grocery list, implying that you did buy them. Where could they be? That is a classic example of a kitchen plagued by a lack of organization and disorder.

With the installation and use of wall mounted kitchen shelves in your kitchen, this could be a thing of the past. So what to look in wall mounted kitchen shelves when buying them? This post will give you pivotal tips for making a smart, well-calculated decision on the matter.

  • Consider The Design Use Of The Shelf

There are different shelves available on the market, each particularly aligned to a certain use. Some are designed for the living room to place books, while others are meant for the bathroom.

Do not be ashamed to ask the salesman for guidance in selecting a kitchen shelf. In order to make life easier, three-tier wall shelves are available, and these are multipurpose (can be used for kitchens, bathrooms e.t.c)


  • Consider The Storage Space

You have to consider the storage space that comes with the wall-mounted shelf. If you are looking for a shelf to store your kitchenware such as pots, you will need a larger storage space. Storage of kitchen utensils such as spoons and knives requires a relatively smaller space.


  • Consider The Aesthetic Value Of The Shelf

In this modern era, kitchens are reserved for cooking, but styling and decorating them are now widely recognized. Thus, you need to select a wall-mounted shelf that would bring the most out of your kitchen's outlook.


  • Consider Where Your Shelve Will Be Mounted

Deciding where to place your wall-mounted shelf and assessing the available space will give you an idea on which shelf to get. It will help you in determining if a standard size shelf will work in your case.

If it does not work, you will have to hire a professional to do some custom work. You can also do the work provided you have got the means and the know-how.

Below are 7 known types of wall mounted kitchen shelves to look at when buying. You can also find reviews of different wall mounted products at WallMountedReviews.Com.

  • Rustic State Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf

As the name says, this one is made of wood, including mahogany, and has an amazing aesthetic appeal. This means it can serve for two functions, as a shelf, and for decorative purposes.

In terms of the provision of storage space, it will make an ideal shelf for your spices' placement so that they would not get misplaced. You can also place some kitchen utensils like forks and spoons on the rustic state kitchen wood wall shelf.


  • Floating Wall Shelves (Set Of Two)

This one is the brainchild of Del Hutson. Its unique design comprising of top quality pine wood makes it great for decorating your kitchen. What sets this shelf apart from most is the ease with which it comes in installation.

All thanks to its make up in which each piece comes in an easy to install the bracket. Thus you will not have to worry about looking for someone to charge you for the installation part. I recommend this shelf for DIY minded forks.


  • VDOMUS Shelf Pot Rack

The VDOMUS shelf storage space is sufficient for most of your kitchen utensils and allows them to be within your arm's reach at the same time. The design also caters for the proper arrangement of these utensils so that you would not even look twice for them. How convenient is that?

In addition to this, the shelf's design and silver color make it a great tool for altering your kitchen's look. Silver being one of the inert elements, this coating protects the shelf from ever rusting. As a bonus, a set of simple instructions are provided on how you can install it.


  • Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf

This suits your kitchen if you intend for it to have a natural look. It is made of top quality wood, which makes your kitchen classy and cozy. You also got a range of choices when deciding on what to place on such a shelf.


  • Wide Wall-mounted Sauce Rack

It has a unique geometric design and has flexibility as an aspect that sets it apart. This shelf will keep your kitchen utensils and spices within arm's reach all thanks to its great storage capacity.

Also, being a three-tier shelf, the storage space can cater for whatever you are interested in storing. Additionally, it is simple to install. The smart screws that come with the package ensure that hanging the shelf on the wall is effortless.


  • 30" Wall-mounted Kitchen Pots And Rack

If you have been worried about ever figuring the right shelf for your pots, worries no more, this shelf does the job. It measures 30" by 10," ensuring storage of most kitchen equipment. The shelf has an iron matt finish, which cancels out any potential rust keeping the finish vibrant.


  • MyGift Rustic Wall-mounted Kitchen Fruit Produce Bin Rack

It comes in three tiers arrangement form and has a metallic build. Originally it was designed for the storage of kitchen foodstuff, which includes spices. Thus it does not make an ideal shelf for your pots and other cook wear.


Final Verdict

There you have it, folks, by getting yourself a kitchen wall mounted shelf, you will end the chaos that has been the order of each day. By following the tips provided in deciding on which kitchen shelf to buy, you will get the most out of the one of your choice. However, getting a new shelf alone will not effectively put your kitchen in order if you are unwilling to play your part. 

Though it is normal to attach some kitchenware or utensils you no longer use, I advise you to donate some of these. You could also place them in a storage locker; do not leave them taking space on your new shelf. Lastly, only buy what you need. Hoarding those spices will keep your kitchen in a mess.



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