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Why Are People Moving From California To Arizona?

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California is one of the most popular states in the U.S., and it’s also one of the most famous regions in the entire world. People have long flocked to the sunshine and the fun of the Golden State, with its beautiful beaches and numerous job opportunities. Even though California is still very populous, many residents are migrating to Arizona. 

The home of many desert landscapes and incredibly high temperatures, Arizona shares many qualities with California. Why then are people deciding to move to an area so similar to where they’ve been living? There’s many key differences between California and Arizona and they paint a clear picture of why some people prefer the latter. 

Auto insurance in California is exceedingly expensive, as are prices for housing. Job opportunities are becoming more limited in California compared to Arizona due to a variety of factors such as competition. We’ll talk about these and several other reasons why Arizona will continue to see about 60,000 people move there from California annually. 

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#1 – The Population Is Lower 

There are 22 cities in California with more than 200,000 people living in them. Compare this to Arizona, where there are only seven such cities. Finding a smaller city to live in the state of Arizona is a much easier process, especially if you take out Phoenix. After the capital city, the state is home to many medium and smaller sized areas that are ideal for many. 

After living in a large state such as California for years, many residents want to get away from the mess of people and settle down in a more calm area. At the same time, they might not want to hull away from all people and live in a tiny town. Arizona presents a happy medium for folks looking for a place that isn’t too big or too small to live. 

The lower population leaves more open space on roads and on hiking trails for travelers and residents alike to get away from their stresses and have a little fun. The overwhelming nature of California can make it hard to enjoy many of the state’s signature entertainment. Arizona has plenty to do without quite as many crowds. 

It’s very good for your mental health to get away from large populations if you find it’s stressing you out. The only thing that could eventually backfire on migrants to Arizona is the fact that more people moving to the state will result in the region eventually becoming just as overcrowded as California. This is something to consider when moving to Arizona. 


#2 – Driving Is More Affordable

Driving is so much more affordable in Arizona than in California. For people who do a lot of driving for work or pleasure, this can result in some hefty funds being distributed to gas, insurance, and car maintenance. Moving to Arizona helps to eliminate many of these issues people experience when living in California.

According to AAA, the price of fuel is over $1.50 more per gallon in California than in Arizona. For people who drive a lot, this can really add up across the board. This makes a move to Arizona vital if you’re planning on saving money on gas. Arizona residents can then use the money they’ve saved on other necessities.

Auto insurance is also cheaper in Arizona on average than in California. Depending on what company you go through for coverage, the price of insurance is usually a couple hundred dollars more in the Golden State. This is mainly due to the high amount of traffic and the population density of the region. 

Arizona has a lot of open space and desert locations. If you move to one of these suburban areas in Arizona, you can save even more money on auto insurance. Driving a car with a high safety rating and keeping a clean driving record are valuable for bringing the price of insurance premiums down, the latter of which is easier when there’s less traffic. 


#3 – Housing Is Cheaper 

Even though the price of housing has gone up a lot in Arizona in the last 10 years, it still remains a very popular moving destination due to its affordability compared to California. 

The median price of a house in Arizona is $350,000 less than in California. This astronomical rate makes it an easy decision to head to the Valley. The prices are especially buyer-friendly in cities besides Phoenix and Tucson. To find similarly priced homes in California, you’d most likely have to move to a smaller town in the state.

Arizona combines a good sized population with decent home prices to make it a refuge for those searching for affordable housing. As more people move to Arizona, the prices will increase, though. Inflation is already affecting the housing market in Arizona. If you want to make a move to the state, now is the time before prices really skyrocket. 


#4 – More Job Opportunities 

There are still plenty of job opportunities in California, but the increase in employment in Arizona is even more tremendous. Many estimates say Arizona will have over 700,000 new jobs before the end of 2030. This presents a lot of opportunities for people with or without a college degree to make a living. 

California is famous for its technology-friendly job growth, especially in Silicon Valley, but Arizona has caught up to the trend of jobs in this market. There has been a 300% increase in tech jobs in Phoenix according to some reports, and Tucson has been ranked as the highest-growing tech city in the country. 

The people of California who have a hard time finding jobs because of the severe competition in the area have started to flee to Arizona to see if they can find employment in the technology sector. This is great for Arizona’s economy, and it should continue to grow in the future. 

Arizona and California are similar states, but more people are starting to go to Arizona due to the high amount of jobs, the low gas prices, and the flourishing housing market. If you like the hot weather and the scenic views of the desert, Arizona is the perfect place for you and your family to move to. 

shawnShawn Laib writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, AutoInsurance.org. He wants to help people decide whether moving from California to Arizona is right for them. 







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