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How to Decorate Wall & Make It Look Astonishing | 7 Fun Decorating Ideas for Your Walls

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DIY Fun Wall Decorating Ideas for Livingrooms, Bedrooms & All

Wall Decorating Ideas

Wall Decor For Bedroom

Introduction Of Wall Decorating Ideas

Moving into a new space can be a fun and exciting time. Decorating a home by wall decorating ideas is a personal experience, and each individual has a unique way of doing it. How you paint, your home says a lot about your personality. Apart from this, the walls of your home can also brighten up the living space. Hence, it is an essential aspect of your home. Those bare walls in your home may also be a source of boredom, and you may require a change for your current mood. Thus, this article will highlight seven fun decorating ideas for your walls.


1. Put some plants

Wall Decorating Ideas

Wall Decor

One of the easiest ways for decorating your wall is by placing a tall potted plant against it. It not only gives the room an outdoorsy vibe, but it also helps make the room appear larger. A well-placed plant can even break the monotony of a dim room and hence makes it more eye-catching. You could also have a shelf or a cabinet built and placed against the wall. Putting a combination of crockery, cutlery, and plants to this space gives it an interesting texture, and hence makes people look at it. You could even try stacking a pile of books together, on a table against a wall, and then placing a plant on top of it. If you think that you do not have time for the caretaking of different plants, you could try using succulents or other resilient plants instead.


2. Add a painting

If you enjoy art immensely, then adding a picture to your wall is the perfect transformation. These paintings could be contemporary works of art that you enjoy, maybe even by a local artist. It is an excellent option as the artwork could also be a talking point whenever friends and family visit. You could use different paintings on different walls and place them in pretty frames as well. Otherwise, you could even choose a collection of paintings revolving around a singular theme. Thus, it helps add character to the house.

3. Wall hangings

Wall Decorating Ideas

Wall Decor Ideas DIY

For many people, wall hangings have been exceptionally useful for changing the look of their wall. These hangings provide the room with a chic bohemian style. The best part- you can make these yourself. You could opt for a woven wool hanging, frame a pretty scarf, or even buy a ready made tapestry. Apart from this, you could also spruce up your space with fun and hanging interactive posters, such as a world map scratch poster found here. One more map scratch from Amazon.


4. Place a mirror

Placing a mirror on your wall can make your room look bigger and brighter. These days, mirrors come in many fancy shapes and sizes. They are also an excellent option for using small walls or spaces. Furthermore, they can also be in your bathroom for the same effect. Though you may spend a little extra for this option, it is still an excellent method for decoration.


5. Buy some second-hand items

Buying a second-hand item goes a long way when decorating your home. You could buy second-hand editions of books, a collection of plates, etc. and stack or place them in wall mount sign holders on your wall. You could even buy an antique cupboard or shelf for placing such items. Concerning this, building up a small library of books stacked up against a wall is also an excellent way of creating a segregated space. You could even place a low-lying sofa or a chair against this and create your little reading nook.


6. Put up your photographs

Designing a family wall for your home can help you feel more comfortable in a new setting. You could hang old funny pictures of your family and friends and take a trip down memory lane every once in a while. For all the photographers out there, this method is the best for showcasing your work. You could print out and frame your best photographs from a particular time or place, of a specific object or animal, or even create a photo story.


7. Paint the wall a bright color or put some wallpaper

Wall Decorating Ideas

Wall Decor Ideas

This is one of the easiest ways that you can decorate your wall. It is also most convenient if you have a budget. Painting your wall may require time and effort. However, the result will be the most personalized wall ever. You could even just buy wallpaper and apply it to the walls yourself.


In conclusion, each of us is a unique individual and our homes are a reflection of our personalities. Thus, there are several different ways by which you can decorate your wall according to your mood and preferences and we hope that this article helps you do just that!





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