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Air Conditioner And Heater – Pros And Cons

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Pros & Cons of Air Conditioning Unit - Air Conditioner And Heater

Climatic equipment has moved from the category of luxury to the category of absolutely necessary things for a comfortable life. It is produced by different companies, so buying a suitable model for a home or office is not difficult. However, the quality of its work depends not only on the manufacturer but also on how professionally the  air conditioner is installed.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of 

Air Conditioner And Heater

Air Conditioner And Heater

air conditioning unit

Air conditioners not only have advantages, but they can also have disadvantages. Everyone should decide for themselves whether advantages or disadvantages predominate and whether they buy an air conditioner or not. Before choosing your air conditioner according to your budget, the room must be cool, and its area also is suitable. Let's examine the positive points of this secondary device.

The advantages of the air conditioner

Numerous aspects speak for the installation of an air conditioner. The most important thing here is the personal feeling and the location of the installation.

The cooling

Air conditioners are used primarily to allow the heated air in a room turns to cool air. The hotter the air, the more unbearable it is to be in a room.

Especially technical work can be a difficult task in the hot environment because when your head gets hot, it can be hard to concentrate on the work. Also, the sleep in an air-conditioned room may relax your body.

The warming

This factor shows a great advantage. Especially in the cold winter months, because the air is slightly humidified.

The filtering

Air conditioners have a great advantage that they not only cool the air but also filter it. This way, odours and pollutants are easily removed with the help of the air conditioning units.

The mobile usability

If you choose a mono device, there is another advantage that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

After the summer, when the heat is gone, the air conditioner does not have to remember hot days but can be stowed away with little effort until the next heatwave. The air conditioner only takes up some space in the living room.

More comfort with an air conditioner

The air conditioner allows you to lose a few degrees inside the house. It can also be used to manage the humidity in the room, such as a dehumidifier to increase the breathing comfort of the occupants. It is a very interesting solution in case of hot weather!

Cost under control and a good return on investment

A portable air conditioning system lasts several years and allows you to spend peaceful evenings and nights, even in the event of heatwaves. A mobile air conditioner helps prevent the risk of dehydration, especially in children and seniors. People are sensitive to heat with consequences that can be dramatic. The fixed split air conditioner cannot be unnoticed, and it is only useful in regions affected by hot weather most of the year. There are different type of air conditioners in the market. You can use a wall-mounted air conditioner that it can easily mount up on the walls.

The costs of air conditioners vary from one establishment to another. An air conditioner for every purse, the price varies according to different criteria:

  • the sound level
  • energy consumption 
  • design 
  • the presence of a filter to purify the air
  • cooling capacity
  • the different functions, including air conditioner, fan or heating
  • the coefficient of performance
  • the type of air conditioner, including Monobloc or split air conditioner in 2 parts
  • the brand and warranties 
  • the remote control

No work to get fresher air environment

The portable air conditioner is the ideal solution which makes it possible to alleviate the problem of heat in the room of the house. The installation of a fixed device is more restrictive, requiring drilling the façade and deploying a specific ventilation network and installing an outdoor unit. Many houses oppose the installation of hard air conditioning in case of heat in the home, and the portable air conditioner is the only option.

The disadvantages of the air conditioner

Air conditioning also has small drawbacks that it is important to know before ordering.

However, the aspects that speak against the purchase of an air conditioner are often of a personal nature or can be eliminated by purchasing a high-quality model.

The personal body feeling

Air conditioning units release cold air that increases the feeling of cold individually. Air conditioners have the disadvantage that they release cool air into the room at the designated outlet. Anyone who is directly in front of the air conditioning unit can experience a feeling of cold, which is described as particularly unpleasant. Many people feel the effects very strongly and feel disturbed, which is why they prefer to get sweat than to sit in an air-conditioned room.

The physical appearances

Air conditioners that perform particularly well can also cause bad physical indications. Often, slightly swollen eyes are noticeable, but a stiff neck or scratchy throat are common. The scratching in the throat is usually an indication that the air is not only cooled, but also not humidified enough. The stiff neck can be normal if you do not sit directly in front of or under an air conditioner. Often a cloth around the neck can prevent stiffness.

The noises

Air conditioners make a background noise that may be so annoying. However, there are already models that run very quietly due to the latest technologies - but you can still hear them. Much more noise than a simple fan, the compressor of an air conditioner generates background noise which can be unpleasant for the occupants of the house.

The portable air conditioning units produce high volume. We can cool the room before going to bed unless sleeping with earplugs to counter the noises. If you do not tolerate the noise level of an air conditioning unit, you could buy a split unit instead of a mono unit, which runs much more quietly but is also associated with a higher cost.

Note that there are plastic window closings with a hole for the air conditioner exhaust hose. This small accessory makes it possible to seal the space of the open window and thus preserve freshness as much as possible. But you feel the noise is too much, you can still repair your air conditioner it of your own.

Power consumption

Anyone who uses air conditioning units will see this on the electricity bill. For air conditioners with a poor energy efficiency class can cost more than you expect, which in the long run, means an enormous financial outlay. To avoid this disadvantage, air conditioning units should be used smartly that consume as little energy as possible by turning it off after the cooling filled in the room. If you want to learn more about the air conditioners and its type, follow this guide.

Viruses spread

If air conditioners are not serviced regularly, and the condensed water is finished, viruses and bacteria can spread. Here hygiene and maintenance play a major role. If so-called split devices were installed incorrectly, germs and pollutants could also spread.

Portable air conditioner produces heat

The air conditioner releases very hot air. Therefore, the window must be left open for the hot air exhaust pipe to pass through. The portable air conditioner is not the best suited for large volumes. When purchasing, be sure to check the cooling capacity by volume. For mid-range air conditioner. ​​


In the 21st century, the air conditioners are so common in houses, offices, restaurants, hospitals and in many other places. It provides you with cool and hot air as you like to have. There are so many pros and cons of the air conditioner you see in this context that can be so helpful for you to understand these things before ordering it.





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