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Here’s Your Guide To Choosing Outdoor Furniture On Sale

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How To Find Outdoor Furniture Sets

The outdoor furniture may not be the top priority when furnishing your home, but it is just as essential and daunting as picking out indoor furniture. However, outdoor furniture begs you to consider certain factors, the biggest one being the weather. The outdoor furniture must be balanced with the exterior of your house and at the same time should be resilient to the climatic conditions of your region.

There are seemingly infinite options to choose from, adding to the toughness of the job. Besides, the theme makes it more overwhelming; should you try metal or oak? Lounging or dining? Contemporary or casual? What if your outdoor upholstery gets wet?

Outdoor Furniture On Sale

outdoor furniture on sale

To simplify things for you, we have compiled a guide that will help you on your way to choose outdoor furniture in Sydney that will compliment your style, desired level of maintenance and outdoor space.

Lists Of Outdoor Furniture On Sale

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Three things to consider before you begin

If you wish to turn your patio space into an aesthetically well designed and livable spot, the placement and choice of the outdoor upholstery play a big part. Rightly placed patio furniture which is also pleasing to the eyes creates islands of living space that would compel you to spend a good time under the sky and enjoy the fresh air.

Before you start your search for the perfect outdoor furniture to decorate your patio space, there are three things you must spare a thought for; as in the end, they can be very helpful in sorting out things.

1 – What plans you have for your outdoor space?

Are you going to use it for dining, wish to turn it into a lounging spot, or a hanging poolside? You must decide on it beforehand, as it will help you figure out whether you want a teak dining table paired with chairs for meal-times or a decorated sofa to lounge and relax.

2 – Consider the Space

To finalize a theme for your outdoor space, you must consider the space first. Does the theme you are planning, complement the space? Because if you go against the rules, the outdoor space might end up losing its essence and turn out to be something of a confined, unpleasing part of the house.

3 – Maintenance

Think of the climatic conditions of your region and then the amount of maintenance you can manage. Keep in mind that outdoor space is so-called because it is exposed to all kinds of elements, unlike indoors. Hence, it needs extra maintenance and the materials must be resilient enough to help you. 

Choosing the right material

Material is the most important factor, any amount of thought put into it cannot be enough. The stuff is what decides the comfort-level, maintenance level, quality and the look of your outdoor space. Hence, before you are mesmerized by the beauty of furniture and fix it into your patio, spare a moment to ensure that the thing that is swaying you away is not fooling you.

One thing you must keep in mind is there is (almost) no such thing as bad material, but suitable. Despite the type of stuff you choose, it is going to have a ‘season’ and will need good care during the ‘off-seasons’.

Wooden Furniture

For eons, wood has been used as a basic material for furniture. Nevertheless, despite numerous other options, today, wood still maintains its status as a basic furniture material.

There are several kinds of woods used to make outdoor furniture. Most common of them are;


Teak is probably the most desirable of all woods for outdoor furniture, and it has its reasons. Its most basic quality is the incredible density. Besides, teak is high in oil content, which adds to its resilience and resistance against pests and unfavorable weather conditions. It possesses an alluring golden brown tone and fine graining.

Teak is naturally strong hence does not require high maintenance. Moreover, it maintains its color for a long period, and regular oil application ensures the longevity of its tone. Over-time, it changes its color into beautiful greyish hues, but its strength does not diminish and can easily last a lifetime.

Other Types

Besides teak, other favorite wood options for outdoor furniture include dense hardwood such as eucalyptus and mahogany. They are rot-resistant and easy to maintain, however, they fail to last as long as the teak.

Why choose wood?

The reasons are obvious even if left unspoken. Because of its alluring rusty hues and rough but pleasing texture, wood is sure to add a natural look to your outdoor space, fusing it with nature in an urban space.

Metal Furniture

Metal is synonymous with strength, which is an essential feature for outdoor furniture to possess. Besides, it is weld-able and can be cast to create designs as per one’s liking – ranging from contemporary to casual and classic and everything in between. And since it is metal, whatever design you mold it in is going to last you a long time.

Despite hundreds of metals out there, the most commonly used for outdoor furniture are powder-coated aluminum and steel.


Aluminum is cool in nature, means it remains unaffected to an extent to sunlight and against rust – except in extremely humid regions and salty air from the coastal locations. Aluminum is a highly favored substance for furniture because of its lightweight and attractive silvery shine. A powder coat adds to its durability and versatility.


Steel is favored over aluminum for its toughness. Often a suitable metal option for large weight-bearing bits of furniture, steel lasts relatively longer than aluminum. However, it is not rust-resistant like the former and is heavy hence not a good option if you move the furniture around quite often.

Why metal?

Metal’s strength is something you can count on, besides it comes in all kinds of colors and designs.

All-Weather Wicker

As the name suggests, this material has the power to stand all types of weather. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and provides a timeless antique look to your patio. All-weather wickers usually last decades, if not centuries. The synthetic fibers are woven in a classic manner to bring out the complete age-less rattan look.


Once you have sorted everything out about what material will best serve your taste and condition, it is time to look at the accessorizing. Just like its indoor counterpart, outdoor furniture is enhanced once accessorized accordingly.

Round pillows and cushions give an attractive look and comfort level during lounging. Soft rugs can provide soft flooring to your feet.

Whatever accessories you choose for the outdoor furniture, make sure they are made for outdoor use as it will help them last under the elements. The most common materials for outdoor use are spun polyester and solution-dyed acrylic for they are mist resistant and do not stain.

The final word

The key to decorating your outdoor space perfectly is to make sure it compliments your style. If you bring in things for their resilience and strength but not aesthetics then you might not enjoy spending time outside as much as you thought you would. Therefore, choose what compliments your vision the best!





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