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The Best Framing Hammer in the Market

One of the oldest tools to mankind is the hammer. It has undergone a lot of changes over the centuries, but mostly for the better. There are many kinds of hammers for different purposes. Framing hammers, in particular, are used in construction, to frame wooden houses. There’s quite a lot of options, but here are the […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Lineman Pliers

Lineman pliers, also known as side cutting pliers, is a tool for cutting cable and wire. You can also use them for twisting, straightening, gripping, and bending a wire.They are an essential in every lineman’s toolbox and handy in home toolboxes. For whatever purpose you need them, whether for home or professional use, you should consider […]

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The Best Lineman Boots on the Market

Being a lineman is a tough job and without the right gear, it could be uncomfortable and dangerous one as well. One of the priorities of a lineman is having the best boots to allow them to do their jobs comfortably and safely.But what characteristics and features should you look for? Read our guide to […]

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