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6 Advantages Of An Electric Hot Water System

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Benefits Of An Electric Hot Water System

Find the right hot water system for your home. Save on gas and electric hot water systems from Rinnai, Rheem and more.

If you’re torn between gas or electric hot water, we shall provide you with the 6 benefits of using an electric hot water system.


Operating Costs

The first benefit we shall examine is the costs since this is why most of the household owners desist from installing electric systems.

Sure, heating your household water is quite expensive compared to the other fuel-based option.

However, this cost difference is often overstated, and it doesn't reflect the actual operating costs.

Now, while a lot of the household will account for the heating and demand cost, they fail to realize there’re plenty of other costs associated with water heaters.

Besides the heating costs, some of the other notable costs include, design, installation, maintenance, service life and more.

Individually, they account for a negligible amount, but when combined, you’ll see why electric water heaters offer a cost advantage over other types of heaters.

Even in instances where electric heaters are expensive, they're still often preferred, and the cost difference is often viewed as the price to pay for efficiency.


Efficiency and Function

Speaking of efficiency, the electricity-based water heaters are by far more efficient that the other types of heating systems.

Unlike the gas-based water heaters, for instance, no heat escapes through the combustion or ventilation.

And so, with no loss in energy, your electric heater operates at maximum performance levels.



While electric water heaters have their share of safety hazards, they tend to be less, especially considering that it’s critical for your wiring to get checked before installation.

Compare this to natural gas, especially when the piping or ventilation is not working properly; small leaks can turn disastrous.

That said, it hard to put a price on the peace of mind you get with an electric heater, and this is particularly true if you’ve small children in your household.


Electricity is Available to All

When deciding on what type of water heater system to go with, you also need to consider the available energy option in your household.

Now, if you decide to choose the natural gas water heater, you'll soon realize it might not be a viable idea unless you live near a gas source or your household is piped to one, which is quite rare.

This is particularly true if you live in the wooded and rural locations where natural gas hookups are rare.

However, electricity grids run throughout every location in the country, and so for simplicity purposes and ease of keeping, the electric heaters are the hands-down winners, regardless of your location.


Electric Hot Water System are Long-Lasting

While a hot water system isn’t an expensive purchase, it’s necessary, and so, when picking one, you would want one that will last long enough to make your investment worthwhile.

That said, a lot of the electric water heaters are long-lasting and will provide you with at least 15 years or more. This is contrary to the gas water heaters that normally last a decade.

Now, beyond longevity, as time goes, you’ll also realize that electric water heaters are environmental-friendly and they keep things cleans without emissions.

In my opinion, I find the electric water heaters a responsible option for the long-term.


Electric Water Heaters are Convenient

With an electric water heater, there's no dealing with extra pipe, vents, or even a complex distribution system.

In most cases, the installation of an electric water heater is fast, and in case of an electric repair, which is quite rare, the time and expenses are relatively low compared to those for the gas water heaters.



From cost-saving, efficiency to safety, you’ve already seen some of the numerous reasons why you should consider an electric water heater system for your next installation.







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