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How Many Different Glazings Are There?

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Windows and glazing may not seem that important, but the type of glazing you choose can enhance your daily life. Whether you’re looking for new windows for your home or commercial glazing that is strong and can provide security for your premises, taking the time to research which option is best for you is essential. Read on to find out more…

Double glazing windows

Why is glazing important?

Glazing is often overlooked, but it is an important feature to look for if you’re buying a house or looking for ways to make upgrades to your current home. The windows that you choose can increase curb appeal, as well as the quality of life within your home, as certain types of glazing can reduce your energy bills, as well as any noise interruption from outside. Investing in quality glazing is a great way to improve your home. There are three different types of glazing that we will look at in more detail below.


Single glazing

Single glazed windows are simply made up of one pane of glass in a frame. Typically, they are not used in modern homes anymore, as they do not provide the benefits that double and triple glazing can – you may even go as far to say that if you have single glazing in your home, you are throwing money away! This is due to the fact it cannot keep heat in, and it can break with ease, so it does not offer a lot of additional security. Even though single glazing does not tend to be used for properties anymore, it does still have its uses, where the benefits aren’t particularly important, for example, in furniture, interior glass used for decoration or separation purposes, as well as in greenhouses.


Double glazing

Double glazing is a modern alternative. Most modern homes will have windows that feature double glazing, which is comprised of two sheets of glass in a frame, with air or gas between both. You can choose this type of window to fit a range of frames in colours and materials to suit your house, whether you live in a new build or an older property. The reason why double glazing is so popular is that it comes with a long list of benefits which include:

  • Insulation: Double glazing allows the heat to stay in your home, and the cold to stay outside. When cold air hits the glass, it is transferred to the gas layer, which does not allow the temperature through, which helps reduce heat loss and heat the room.
  • Security: Double glazing is stronger because of its double pane of glass, so you can add a bit of extra protection to your home, to deter any vandalism or break-ins.
  • Soundproofing: The double layer of glass can also help to keep noise from the street out, which is useful if you live in a built-up, residential area.


Triple glazing

This is one of the most modern forms of glazing on the market today and it includes three panes of glass in a frame, with gas between each. It is similar to double glazing, but the benefits are more enhanced. For example, security will be increased as three panes of glass will be harder to penetrate than two, and less noise will be able to get through due to the additional pane of glass. There is one factor that is still being argued when it comes to triple glazing – unless you live in a hot country, you may not feel the benefit of increased insulation. Opinions differ when it comes to triple glazing, as it is more expensive than double, but it can’t be said to be a massive improvement.







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