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You Are Under The Gun: How Not To Be A Victim On The Internet

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Cybersecurity experts agree that cybercrimes are rising, and each online user must practice safe browsing habits. Cyber threats are ongoing, and at no point will they be eliminated. Therefore, US internet users will occasionally face victimization if they do not do things that are safe while online. For most internet, TV, and residential service consumers, 866 Spectrum cable is the go-to service provider when you’re looking for a great price tag on an amazing bundle deal or even a standalone plan.

This article tells you how to avoid falling victim to or being bullied while surfing the internet. 


Your Online Habits Matter: Here Is Why

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Many of us think that hackers are the only people threatening our online security. Yes, they will steal your information, especially financial information. The truth is cybercrime is evolving, raising more security concerns.

One of the rules that keep us safe is knowing how to perceive cybercrime. This first step ensures that you steer clear of activities that threaten your online security. Your online habits can expose you to cyberthreats. Therefore, we get some rules to follow.compromising habits include:

  • Downloading and using apps without investigating their security features
  • Ignoring updates
  • Online multitasking
  • Reusing passwords or having weak passwords
  • Clicking in every link, etc.

Every individual or company must adhere to things that are safe. Otherwise, they risk falling into the hands of malicious online fraudsters. 


Use strong passwords

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Make your passwords complex, i.e., the passwords should not be obvious. For instance, avoid using your name, year of birth, or even your pet’s name as your password. Again, occasionally, change the passwords and do not use the same password on more than one site.

A strong password should combine letters, symbols, and numbers. There should be at least 0 letters. Always remember to use password management applications as it keeps your password locked. 


Downloads Are Potential Harmful

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Not all downloads are worth your attention, as some may contain malware/viruses that may destroy your computer. Malware is common to hackers as they employ it for various functions. For instance, a hacker may send malware to delete or access your documents.

Besides, they may use a virus to erase or modify your information. Worse, hackers may get hold of sensitive data such as credit card numbers and distribute it to third parties. Therefore, check the official vendor’s website for details before downloading an app, software, or extension. 


Public Places Are Not To Be Trusted

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Public spaces expose you to multiple threats. Therefore, be vigilant with your belongings. Always walk with your belongings or lock them when you are away. While using your computer in public, lock it when you walk away from it and close the lid. Alternatively, you can put it on standby mode. 


Be Aware Of Digital Permanence

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Heard of digital permanence? Once you post, upload, publish or put anything on the internet, it can never be deleted. So, if you put a blog post, video, comments, or photos on the internet, they last forever. Ensure that what you post is in good standing with the laid down standard.


Use Up To Date Apps

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Do not ignore updates, especially internet security software and operating systems. If you receive a prompt to update your applications, do it immediately. Alternatively, you can automate all software updates. But remember to restart your devices for the software to install fully occasionally.

Online criminals and hackers take advantage of such flaws to access your systems. Therefore, patch these flaws to make it harder for hackers to access your system. 


Employ Safe Browsing Habits

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Secure web browsing is a key to maintaining your privacy. It is tempting to click on links on the web, but always remember, they can land you in trouble. Links may be a trap to prompt you to give sensitive data.

Also, disable the autocomplete forms on your devices. Along with that, run antivirus software and scan files before storing them or downloading them. Above all, avoid public WI-FIs as they are easy to hack.


Privacy Settings Are Vital

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Privacy settings are vital as they indicate whether you give consent for use, approval, and disclosure of personal information. This explains why you should select and set privacy settings as per your needs on all online services, browsers, devices, and media accounts.

Privacy settings help improve your browsing experience. This may not be easy to figure out, but the computer service specialists can help you with this


Share Personal Data Based On Law

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You should not share your personal information with anyone unless the law demands so. If a malicious person obtains your information, they can use it for malicious activities, including deception or fraud, usually for economic gain.

Online fraudsters can trick you into giving them your personal information; for instance, they may steal your password or mail to access your account details.If someone requests personal information, confirm their identity. Fraudsters are advanced schemers, and they employ a myriad of techniques to obtain innocent people’s identities fraudulently.

Remember, no one is ever safe, so do not feel comfortable sharing your information.


Transact On Encrypted Websites

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Encryption is an effective security measure that websites employ. This security feature minimizes the chances of losing your financial data. Ideally, encrypted web ensures that all internet activities are natively encrypted; thus, safeguarding browser activities on all websites.

The encryption implementation is via a secure HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connection. This protocol ensures that your browsing activities are inaccessible and invisible to hackers.


Verify User Identity Before Engaging Them

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When you encounter a stranger online, approach them with caution. Expressly, do not accept any tech help from them, especially if you do not know their credibility. Primarily, strangers target individuals who are not tech-savvy or need technical assistance. Once you accept their help, they will spy on your online activities and financial transactions. In the end, they will take something valuable from you. 



Cyber-attacks are rampant. However, if we get some rules to follow, we can keep ourselves safe. The internet offers convenience, speed, and anonymity. This is great; however, criminals exploit these advantages to commit different criminal activities.

There are two main types of attacks:

  •        i.          Threats against software and computer hardware, e.g., malware
  •       ii.          Financial threats, e.g., phishing and online fraud

These crimes come in different formats, such as identity theft, hacking your webcam to spy on you, and stealing your credit card information. These attacks can occur if you don’t mind your online habits. What we have reviewed here are the rules that keep us safe!


With rising cyber threats, online users must employ safe browsing habits. Otherwise, they risk losing money and essential data to fraudsters. 







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