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How To Filter Internet Usage At Home

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man smiling at laptop work

man smiling at laptop work

Internet filtering is a useful technique for boosting device security or implementing parental controls to keep children safe online. Child controls can filter the internet, preventing unintentional access to unsuitable websites. There are several methods for accomplishing this, ranging from establishing network-wide content filters on your router to implementing the content filters integrated into the operating system or third-party applications.

What Is Internet Filtering?

child using laptop

child using laptop

Internet filtering is a security mechanism that restricts device users from gaining access to specific online sites or materials. The goal is to safeguard internet users from unsuitable internet information. Internet filtering can be included as part of your cybersecurity mechanisms, embedded into your devices, or even live within your network devices(router) or home network monitoring tools.

One such mechanism for this is DNS filtering.


DNS Filtering

checking website dns laptop

checking website dns laptop

DNS filtering (Domain Name System) filtering, is a method of stopping you from accessing dubious websites or IP addresses. Once you've activated a DNS filter, you may browse the Internet with confidence, aware that the filtration system will stop you from visiting harmful websites by displaying a "block page" that explains the purpose of the prohibition.


Benefits of DNS Filtering

man using ipad

man using ipad

There are several advantages to adopting DNS filtering.  You've had a glimpse of it by now, but here's what more you should know:

  • Provides secure Internet browsing: By using DNS filtering, you can put a stop to harmful websites that may capture your confidential info.
  • Safeguards your data: We all have essential data on our computers, so most of the time, we are clueless about backing it up. DNS filtering aids in the prevention of data loss caused by accessing harmful websites.
  • Protects your device: Some sites can remotely upload malware on your device, causing it to lose functionality and become partially inoperable. This is prevented via DNS filtering.


Implementing These Filtering Techniques

1.    The Router



Implementing content filters on your router is one of the simplest methods to implement them. Your router serves as a constriction point through which all Web traffic for your connection passes. Establishing content filters here will allow you to execute web filtering on all the connected devices.

Parental controls are included in certain routers. You may configure your platform's content filters using the router's web-based setup panels. Many routers do not contain content filters, but you may configure content filters on any network using OpenDNS. To do so, just modify the DNS server configuration on your router to utilize OpenDNS.


2.    Third-Party Software

using laptop

using laptop

Network management software is intended to assist you in simply monitoring and managing your home network by providing tools that may include sophisticated security mechanisms. Some network monitoring software can notify you when there are abnormalities in your network and provide you with complete insight into the devices that are logged in to your system at any given moment.

To secure personal details on your local network, management features provided with surveillance tools can allow you to eliminate undesirable devices and configure Guest WiFi user credentials.


3.    Browser-Based Configuration

laptop stats

laptop stats

Chrome - You may use Google Chrome to establish a monitored Chrome profile, which allows you to oversee the surfing of certain user profiles, including your children's credentials. From this page, you may configure "SafeSearch" settings to exclude graphic or adult material from search results.

Firefox - Firefox browsers, like Chrome, offer a function called "Safe Mode" that enables parental restrictions. When enabled, safe mode activates the Web filtering safety function and deploys it to all pages visited.

Internet Explorer - The Internet filtering mechanism in Internet Explorer is known as "Family Safety." You may limit data saved on the device, filter online material, regulate whenever the device is available, and filter out unsuitable games, applications, and apps whenever authorized from a User account.


4.    Windows Operating System Configuration

update screen laptop

update screen laptop

Windows 8 and Windows 10 have content filters that combine the time restrictions and application access controls of Windows 7 with online filtering and other new capabilities from Family Safety. A similar Family Safety portal allows you to modify your preferences and read reports.

When creating a new user profile in Windows 8, just click the child account configuration option. The profile will be designated as a child's profile and may be accessed via the Family Protection website.


5.    Firewall Software and Hardware

software laptop

software laptop

A firewall system is a software application or hardware component that filters data entering your home network from attacks. Some os's include a firewall by default. A firewall offers a layer of security for your network against malicious assaults, but it cannot prevent all attacks.

Firewall systems can block unsuitable websites and filter material depending on your defined criteria; nevertheless, a solid rule of thumb is to safeguard your network with numerous security levels.


The Bottom Line

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With that said, you have a comprehensive aimed at assisting you to sort out internet filtering in your home today. Good luck and happy browsing!







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