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Laminate Flooring Tool

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laminate flooring tool

laminate flooring tool

Laminate floors are easy to clean, and they are scratch-resistant. If you have pets or children in your home laminate floor is one of the best choices. It is trendy for decades to the DIY enthusiasts. Compared to the real wood, it's a cheap alternative, and you don't need a professional floor fitter to install the laminate flooring.

If you cannot afford real wood, then laminate flooring would be an excellent alternative for you. Generally, it is made from multiple layers. And the finishing look of it will like stone or wood, or tile.

Advantages of Laminate Floor

  1. Affordable
  2. Durable
  3. Easy to Maintain
  4. Stain & Scratch-resistant
  5. Different Styles


  1. Affordable

The laminate floor is one of the best choices for the people with a budget issue. You can find any branded laminate floor at an affordable price range. The price varies depending on the thickness plus the quality of the material. Since it comes at a different price ranges, you should consider investing in the best laminate floor that you can afford.

Another best thing about this flooring is, the installation cost is not expensive. You can install the floor yourself. In contrast, if you choose hardwood, then it will be costly.


  1. Durable

Usually, this flooring is protected with the most hardened external layer, which makes it more reliable and permanent. Compared to the Vinyl or carpet, or hardwood, laminate flooring has a longer lifespan. With proper care, they can last more than ten years or more. Even virtually, it's resistant to high heels or pets. If you are looking for durable flooring, then you can consider the laminate flooring for you.


  1. Easy to Maintain

You can use a broom or vacuum for the easy clean the laminate floors. Use a damp mop to wipe clean the floor or use a laminate floor cleaner to clean it. While using the mop make sure you avoid excessive water, or else it will damage the floor.


  1. Stain & Scratch-resistant

The laminate floor is coated with a tough layer and has a resin coating. This floor is resistant to stain, or moisture. Many manufacturer offers the warranty protection for this flooring for up to 25 years. Since the laminate floor is stain resistant, so the cleaning is very easier.


  1. Different Styles

You can find various styles or designs on this floor, such as - they have stone, wood, or contain other scenarios. There are a vast of styles and colors are available that you can choose from. So match the style that suits your room and makes it elegant.


The laminate floor is one of the easiest and renovate ways that could be your long-term real estate value for your home.


Tools for Laminate Floor

To install the floor, you'll need some tools, and the following, I've shared the tools name with their usage.

  1. A measuring tape and pencil
  2. Combination square
  3. Hand-Held Drill
  4. Sliding T-Bevel
  5. Jigsaw
  6. Tapping Block
  7. Rubber Mallet


A measuring tape and pencil

The most essential and necessary tool you'll need is the measuring tape and pencil. These will be required in every corner while installing the floor. You don't need an expensive measuring tape; use any ordinary tape to mark it and try using a fine pencil so you can see the mark.


Combination square

Another multi-purpose tool is the combination square. It will provide you the perfect square. The best thing is, you can extend the blade, plus it has locked functions for safety purposes. For the round or square cuts, you must need this tool.


Hand-Held Drill

A drill is an essential tool when it comes to installing the floor. You can make a clean hole with the drill. If you install or work around the pipes, only then you'll need a drill, but you won't need the drill for every laminate installation.


Sliding T-Bevel

To measuring angles and to cutting, you need a T-bevel. It uses when you want an angle cut. It will finely cut a 90-degree when required. This tool is used to mark the square, cutting like a 90 or 45 degree to make a delicate trimming where the floor meets walls.



To cut the proper length of the laminate floor, a jigsaw is very important. It's a hand-held power tool that contains a narrow and straight blade. The blade moves back and forth to cut the floor that allows you to cut accurately.


Tapping Block

A tapping block is used for safety purposes; if you hit the floor with a hammer, it may damage it. But if you use a tapping block to move the piece and set it, it will not damage your floor.


Rubber Mallet

A rubber mallet is one of the most comfortable solutions for "persuading" the laminate floor. It helps all the floors settings together better than a hammer. It will make less noise than a hammer.


How to install a laminate floor

Prepare the floor

The first thing you need to do is preparing the floor so that you can install it. It would be best if you acclimatized the laminate to the new surroundings. Before you starting installing, make sure the room is in the normal temperature. Also, there should not be any cement or plasterwork in it. Moreover, you need to level the ground, and the floor should be clean and dry.


Installing the laminate floor

When your room is prepared completely, you can start installing it. Remember, around the parameter of your room, and you leave some expansion space. It should be 10mm wide, at least, and the expansion gap makes sure the floor naturally can expand or contract.

So once you finish installing the floor, make sure you clean them by sweeping regularly. Use the mop to wipe clean it. Make sure you wipe clean the water straight away to protect your floor from damage.


Final Words

The laminating floor is an affordable way to make your home elegant. There are different styles available for this floor that you can choose from. And this floor is very durable than others plus maintains is very convenient. The best thing is, you can install the floors yourself.

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