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15 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make A Big Impact

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If you’re looking for ways to make your small kitchen look more prominent, consider incorporating glass-fronted cabinetry, stripes and geometric patterns, and mirrors. This article features 15 ideas for making a kitchen feel more extensive, but you’ll also find inspiration for smaller kitchens in other areas of your house. You might even be surprised at how much a small kitchen can improve your home. Read on for more ideas!


Glass-fronted cabinetry

Adding glass-fronted cabinetry in a small kitchen can have many benefits. These cabinets not only add visual depth to your kitchen, but they reflect light, enhancing the room’s overall appearance. This style works best in conjunction with lighter woodwork and light-colored cabinets. However, some people are wary of this style, believing it is not practical for a small kitchen.


Striped flooring

A simple way to stretch out the floor space in a small kitchen is by installing striped flooring. This simple design trick works by alternating light and medium-tone laminate floor tiles. You can also paint the existing floor or cover it with a striped rug. You can also incorporate hand-painted patterns or astonishing patterns. The key is to choose a durable flooring material that looks great.


Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns can give a room a fun personality and are great for small kitchens. Adding bold geometric patterns in your kitchen can create a busy look, adding character and personality to the room. Try a single accent wall painted in zigzags, a floor tiled with geometric shapes, or a repeating geometric backsplash. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to create a modern, minimalist look without a huge budget.



Mirrors are a great way to impact a small kitchen significantly. The trick is to place them strategically. A big one behind the kitchen sink will open up the space, and a small one next to the upper cabinets will create the illusion of more space. Another great way to add a mirror is to cut a piece of mirrored wall decor. Adding a large mirror to an otherwise tiny kitchen is a great way to make it look bigger.


White cabinets

A contemporary small kitchen design with white cabinets and a backsplash in the same shade will look fabulous. A white quartz countertop paired with white cabinets and a wooden bar stool will create a spacious and light kitchen area. Wooden bar stools and Moroccan clay tile backsplash will also add warmth and visual flow to this space. Using light colors for your walls will also help you make the space feel more significant than it is.


Personal touches

Adding a few small but unique decor pieces to your kitchen can make it feel more personal and homey. However, remember that too many personal touches can make your space feel claustrophobic. Some ideas for a personal touch include hanging your favorite ornaments on shelves, displaying framed artwork, or incorporating a trendy pinboard, chalkboard, or mesh noticeboard. Adding a few personal touches like these can make a difference in a small kitchen.



Small kitchens are often cramped, but there are a few ways to add some wow factor to a kitchen without sacrificing space. Use color to create mood-enhancing effects and create an atmosphere of spaciousness. These 15 small kitchen design ideas will help you bring your dream kitchen to life. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to having an opulent kitchen that you can show off to guests.



Cupboards are great for storing things you need close at hand, but they don’t offer the same storage capacity as drawers or pull-outs. You’ll end up wasting room above your stored items in a cabinet!


Modern cabinets

What’s more important than your kitchen? The design of the cabinets in it defines everything. If you want a minimalistic, modern look for small spaces like mine, then don’t go with heavy handles or knobs again! Replaced them instead with finger pulls that give off an elegant vibe while still being easy on hands during meal prep sessions.


Extended cupboards

Interior design often deals with the issue of limited space. To make use of every inch, you should consider extending your cabinetry or adding new storage in that area for efficiency and effectiveness when it comes time to clean up after yourself!


Open shelves

The right kitchen design can make all the difference in your home. Open shelves are an affordable and straightforward way to give yourself more space without taking up valuable floorboards of countertop real estate. At the same time, closed cabinets may create feelings of suffocation for those with tiny kitchens!


Shiny materials

You could go for wood cabinets with glass or even metal finishes to give your kitchen that professional touch. You can also install a backsplash made up of reflective tiles and thus would create an elegant look while adding functionality at the same time!


White kitchen

The small white kitchen is given an elegant look with the help of different shades and textures. You can use matte, glossy, or woody colors and cream-colored walls to make it a more open space without overwhelming yourself in this spacious environment!


Dining corner and bar

You can incorporate a dining room in your kitchen if you have a small space. The easiest way is just by adding two stools or chairs to the peninsula and using this as an extra countertop surface for cooking purposes!


Smart kitchen

You will thank your stars every day when you cut down on the number of appliances in your kitchen. A single appliance is usually enough, but if not, then opt for double duty or multipurpose items like an oven-cum microwave!


Final Take

Kitchens are the heart and soul of any home. They serve as an extension to our living rooms and provide us with some much-needed storage space! The challenge can be figuring out which elements you want in your new kitchen while making sure everything fits together nicely without looking cramped or messy.







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