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Why Custom Orthotics Are a Smart Investment in Your Foot Health

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The feet are an essential part of your body. When they are not working correctly, it can cause problems for the knees, hips, and back. Custom orthotics can help.


When worn in the correct shoes, they lift, cushion, and support the foot and can help correct misalignment problems like supination or pronation. They also redistribute pressure more evenly.

They Help You Move Without Pain

When your feet hurt, it affects every step you take. It’s hard to work out and play without your feet feeling good. And if you don’t keep them comfortable, you can start developing problems like bunions and hammertoes.


Aside from being painful to wear, these conditions can increase your risk of injury when you’re active. That’s because your body compensates for foot pain by altering your stride and stance. And those changes can strain your ankles, knees, and back more.

Getting custom orthotics helps you avoid these injuries by keeping your feet comfortable and stable. They also help reduce the pressure on your feet and lower legs by redistributing your weight evenly. You can get a prescription from your podiatrist for the orthotics that will work best in your shoes. These orthotics will be a better fit than those you can buy over the counter and will usually last longer.

They Help You Avoid Injuries

Whether a beginner or an experienced runner, your feet need the best support to prevent injuries. Getting orthotics designed by a qualified podiatrist will improve your performance and reduce the chance of injury by addressing problems like overpronation and over-supination.


Your feet contain 66 joints, over 50 bones, and dozens of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. They also bear 1.5 times your body weight when you walk and 3-4 times when you run. Orthotics redistribute your weight evenly to lessen stress on your feet, joints, and spine.

Investing in custom orthotics can help you avoid costly injuries such as Achilles tendonitis. Drug store inserts may seem to cost less than a pair of custom-made orthotics, but they’re usually less effective and can lead to more costly and invasive treatments down the line. You may even get your orthotics covered by insurance. Check your plan for details.

They Help You Sleep Better

The foot is a complex structure that requires careful alignment to function correctly. Custom orthotics are designed to support your feet in anatomically efficient positions, allowing you to move without pain. Foot Levelers offers a variety of custom orthotic inserts that are specifically designed for different activities and needs.

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Generic insoles are designed to fit the average foot so that they won’t provide optimal balance or comfort. Personalized custom orthotics are hand-shaped to conform to your unique feet and address the underlying cause of your foot problems.

Orthotics are a wise investment for anyone on their feet for long periods at work or while exercising. They can also help people with flat feet or high arches and those with neurological deficits or biomechanical problems. These issues may affect other body parts, so correcting them can improve posture, reduce back pain, and even improve night’s sleep.

They Save You Money

The feet are the body’s foundation; if they aren’t working correctly, it will throw everything else out of alignment. If other body parts have to compensate for poor foot biomechanics (think back pain, knee problems, and heel pain), it will cost you in the long run.

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Non-custom orthotics cost less than custom ones, but they are essentially the same as putting duct tape on your foundation. It may work in the short term, but you will pay for it later.

If you want to avoid paying for foot care costs in the future that will negatively impact your life and your wallet, consider seeing a podiatrist for an evaluation for custom orthotics. The investment may pay off in reduced foot pain, decreased medical costs, and improved quality of life.