Why do painters wear white?

Ever wondered why painters wear white attire when on the job? Some secret code or conspiracy perhaps? Well the theories as to why this is the case are all over the place. Some pretty well thought through and others… Well, not so much. Quick Navigation IntroductionHere’s why…The painters’ unionWhite lead powderWhite is a clean colorWhite … Read more

How to Use a Paint Sprayer With These 7 Easy Steps

A paint sprayer machine will make staining faster and simpler, especially for rough areas. But, it can also introduce a lot of problems, including staining other things that you don’t intend to paint. The key factor to succeed with paint spraying is to prepare the process correctly. It includes selecting the right paint sprayer, developing the … Read more

Discovering the difference between Varnish vs Polyurethane

Within the woodworking trade, there are various tools which can be used in order to make a particular product pop and stand out. This includes utilizing various designs within the woodwork, as well as the strength and stability of each piece which is made. With all of this mind, there are certain materials you can … Read more