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6 Bathroom Remodel Trends You Should Jump On

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Because most people only spend a few minutes inside them, you will often find that bathrooms are neglected when it comes to remodeling. People will pay attention to other parts of the house, only for the bathroom to come last. But why not give your bathroom some attention, yet it is also a significant part of the house? Here are some top bathroom remodel ideas you should consider. Lets read to get more information on Bathroom Remodel Trends.


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Floating Vanities

As more people continue embracing contemporary designs, a floating vanity is a sure way to achieve that. It will give your bathroom an open and airy, sleek design. And even though the design is more popular with contemporary bathrooms, it goes well with other bathroom styles. These wall-mounted vanities leave plenty of floor space under the unit, making your bathroom appear bigger. Cleaning is also easier as you don’t have to deal with nooks and corners.


Floating Bathroom Vanity



Organic Style

You may also want to consider decorating your bathroom in an organic style. This type of style focuses on natural elements, earthy colors, and a lot of plants. If you love nature, you are going to love this design.


bathtub bathroom



Large Glass Shower Doors

If you want your bathroom to feel large, open, and airy, get glass shower doors. Floor-to-ceiling shower doors are sleek, make your bathroom look appealing, and are easier to clean. Aside from that, they instantly increase the value of your home, as that is what a lot of homeowners are looking for. The good thing about glass shower doors is that they can be customized to meet your needs. This is in terms of size and visibility. If you want something clear or hazy, you will find it in the stores.


bathroom two showers



Hardwood Tiles

Most homeowners love hardwood floors in their homes as they are aesthetically pleasing and durable. The only problem is that you cannot install them in your bathroom as it is a wet room. Water will seep through, and your floors will not last. But if you love the appearance of hardwood floors, then get hardwood tiles. They resemble hardwood but are made of ceramic or porcelain instead of traditional wood. Even if they are exposed to water, they are moisture resistant and durable. This makes them ideal for bathrooms and allows you to keep enjoying your style.


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Scenic Murals

Unlike in the past, when people would only install white walls, people are now embracing murals. Even if you like the clean lines that come with modern bathrooms, try and embrace some bold colors on your walls. You will be surprised by the outcome. Hand-drawn scenes and intricate murals in your bathroom and powder room give them a spa-like feeling.


luxury bathroom



High-Tech Features

The world is in a digital era. That means technology is being applied everywhere, including in the bathroom. If you are remodeling, include high-tech features like self-closing lids, touch-free flushing, and self-cleaning. These features will make your work easier, reduce the amount of water used and give your bathroom a luxurious feel. If you usually spend a lot of time in your bathtub unwinding from a long day, incorporate Bluetooth speakers on the walls and ceilings for some music.


bathroom bathtub



Multipurpose Storage

Your bathroom can have multiple functions besides showering. It can also be a place where you store bathroom amenities like towels, gels, shampoo, tissues, etc. Look up some bathroom storage ideas depending on the size of your bathroom. This will make bathroom organization much easier.


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Are you planning to remodel your bathroom any time soon? Consider the trends mentioned above. You can even bring in an interior designer to help you achieve your dream bathroom.






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